Thursday, July 16, 2009

North Carolina pics

(Click photos to enlarge)

Little barn at my dads farm.

Little cow coming out of the barn to check out what this strange person with the camera is doing.

Boxwood in the forefront and grapevines in the distance.

My parents home.

Pretty weeds on the farm.

Little Foot said he could get use to this!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome to Mayberry

Ever wanted to visit the little town from the Andy Griffith Show? Well Mayberry was a fictional town in the show that was based on the town Andy Griffith grew up in called Mt. Airy. My parents live abt 20 minutes from Mt. Airy so I thought I would take you on a little mini tour of it when my mom and I went this past weekend. Enjoy! :)

This is the little cinema downtown, where musicians hang out and play music and a crowd gathers around to listen.

And you know how much Opie loved his candy... well here is Opie's Candy Store. Come on in...

There are various stores that sell Mayberry collectables, so let me know if you want any souveniers I can send ya!

And this is the store where a man told me to sample some extremely hot sauce and I almost spit fire after I tried it! Took me a half hour to recover from it. Thanks for buying me the ice cream mom! *moms are the best*

Looking down the little main street... there is more to Mt. Airy, but it started raining and we ended up leaving. Will share more pics later.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of Mayberry. Barney Fife walks around town and one day he walked up to me and started talking to me, I thought it was really the real one from the show he looked so much like him. After he walked away I said, wow I met Barney! My mom said, you know that wasn't really the real one from the show right? Oops LOL

It is a quaint little town, nothing like my Atlanta, but it is very laid back like the one on the Andy Griffith show. Ya'll come back now!