Thursday, August 6, 2009

Retro Kitchens

Here is my mom's retro kitchen, it is so adorable! I love love those kitchen chairs, they look so comfy, they don't make comfy chairs like that anymore...

...and my moms little eating area, love the booth!

Here is one I just found off the internet, I love the style of this refrigerator and those little corner shelves are too cute! I would love little shelves like that. Have you seen the kitchen on Rachel Ray's cooking show? She has the retro vibe going on in it, too.

See, red counters can look cute.

Of course I love this kitchen above, it has a rustic retro vibe all in one. How perfect is that? I have no idea what my style is, I like a little of different things, sort of rustic retro organic modern. Is that a style? hehe

What are your favorite styles for homes?

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