Monday, August 24, 2009


I signed the papers today. Now I have to wait for them to have an inspection and run a bunch of tests on the house. I went back and took more pictures of the house, here are a few more photos of it. I hope everything runs smooth and I can move in! I will continue to write updates on it.

1963 Ranch house
2 bdrm, 1 bath
1200 sq ft
1 acre of land

Above is a side view of the house, that is the carport, that door goes into the kitchen, the little wooden deck is right in back of the carport.

Above is the master bedroom. It has two nice big closets in it and 2 windows to let in lots of light.

This is a different view of the kitchen, it's really quite big, that is where I'll put the dining table. The door on the right is the one that goes out to the carport. The far room you see in the back left is the living room.

The above is the office and laundry room.

This is the bathroom, I don't really like the way it looks decor wise, but I do like how big it is and the window. There's a bathtub and a separate standing shower.

I hope this will be my home, please pray everything works out!

I already have it all decorated in my mind :p

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