Monday, October 26, 2009

My House

I got to go into my house for the first time today since the closing became official.  Yay!
I mopped all the floors today and tried to get some of that musty smell out of it.  We are unloading the U-haul either tonight or tomorrow night.  I won't be staying there until I get hardwood floors put in though.  I went and looked at some more today and I am going to one more place tomorrow to make my final decision. Then I will probably have to wait a week or so for the wood to come in, then let it sit in the house for a few days, then have someone to install it. So it will still be a while before I get to live in my new home. I'm staying at my parents for now.

I took some pics of it today with the pretty fall leaves. Wish there were more leaves on the trees, but a lot have fallen off already.

And the photo below is the road going to my house, so pretty!!!!

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Comeca Jones said...

Im in love with the last photo.You are right it is beautiful that road that leads to your place.