Monday, December 28, 2009

House Plans

Sometimes it's difficult to picture a house when you only see photos of the individual rooms.  I found this really neat house plan maker online that you can make of your home.  You just take each room, type in the measurements of it and viola, you have your house plans.

 If you have wondered where each room is, this makes it much easier to picture it all and bring everything together.  The total square feet is somewhere around 1200. I forget the exact number.

My Floor Plans

I just realized I forgot to show where each window and the side door is, I will tweak it later. There's a side door off the kitchen that goes to the carport.  Later next year I am hoping to knock out a wall in the office and put french doors leading to the backyard.  Another mystery about this house, why does it have no door to the backyard?  I also need to show where the appliances in the kitchen are.  I'll upload it again later when I add all this to it.

It's easy, go make house plans of yours now :)
It also has little furniture you can decorate it with.


Genie said...

Very cool! I want to do this! I guess I'll be measuring my rooms soon! LOL!

JJ said...

Oh I would love to see your house plans, you must! :)