Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Laundry room Before & After

Well, I thought I wasn't going to be able to get to finish hemming my curtains until this weekend, but I got some more hemmed this evening. The room is looking so fresh and airy.  The perfect laundry room :)
It looks a little empty right now because I just now got it finished and it doesn't have that lived in look yet, but it will in no time!

Here was the laundry room when I first bought the house.  I didn't like this room because it felt like a porch or something. It just didn't flow with the rest of the house.  It was built on later and it showed. They had even left the window in between this room and the kitchen that I thoroughly enjoyed knocking out.   My first thought on this room was, I must paint those bricks and make this look like a room and not a porch.



There is still more work to do in here, but at least it's presentable at this point.  I got some burlap and have that draped over the curtain rod under the cabinet.  I have to cut it and sew it into a curtain.  I have to paint all the crown molding and trim white.  I'm going to get some drying racks for the wall above the washer and dryer.  I will also probably put a picture right over the little sewing area on the wall there.  What would you put there?

Here is what I used for the makeover:
  • Sherwin Williams Antique White on the bricks
  • Olympic Crumb Cookie for the wood above it that was painted gray before.
  • Olympic Light Sage for the cabinets
  • Olympic Bright White in gloss for the counter tops and one coat of polyurethane on that.
  • Ikea Vivan curtains $9.99 a pair.
  • Burlap fabric from
  • Throw rug from Target
  • Bamboo shades from Lowes
I really enjoyed doing this room, but there were a few frustrations along the way.  I accidentaly hemmed one of the curtains too  long.  It's the  one behind the washer that you can't see the end of it. I still need to go back and hem that one again.  I had a hard time finding the right shade of sage green for my cabinets, I went through a lot of swatches and sample cans.  I had a hard time getting these curtains because they were always sold out at Ikea. (Thank you Bec Bec for getting them and mailing them to me! You're a doll!)

Overall, I'm happy with the outcome.
Now I need to work on getting the office area on the other side of the room made over.
I'm getting a couple of the windows knocked out and putting french doors in.  There is no door leading to the back yard, so it just makes sense.  I'll post pics of the office area once that starts coming along.  I'm excited to start working on wallpapering my bathroom next!  Oh and I should be getting my butcher block counter tops put in my kitchen soon, too.