Monday, April 5, 2010

Counter tops are Finished

After 3 days of working non stop on these counter tops, they are finally finished.

Here is the sink being attached to the counter.

I got to keep my sink!!!  After much debating and figuring out what to do about a sink, we decided to try to make my old sink work.  I wanted to use my old one because it's solid cast iron and very large. It's just really hard to find a sink like this today, if they even make sinks like this anymore.   Then we hit our next problem. The way counters are made today, you need either an undermount sink or an overmount sink.  Well, this one is neither. It's a flush mount. It laid flush with my counters before, but you can't make it flush with the butcher block, so we decided to treat it as an undermount sink.  We attached it under the wood as you can see in the pic above and since normal undermount sinks don't have a place where you put the faucet we couldn't drill holes in the wood for the faucet because of how this one fit in, so we kept the faucet attached to the sink.  
I know it isn't how sinks are done now a days, but at least I got to keep my sink!
And it's functional and works fine this way.

Here it is all put together and in my kitchen.

Looks fine, right?  :)  
It actually makes my sink feel deeper since I have that extra space of wood around the top of it.

I love them so much!

Now all that's left is putting in the back splash. 
I'm going to do this on my own. I've applied tile to the floor before, so I'm hoping it's about the same as putting it on the wall. If anyone has tiled a wall before, I would love to get some pointers before I run into this project.

I want to use a pale gray grout around the subway tile.
Hoping my backsplash will turn out something like this.

Cost of counter tops:  $300.00  (Ikea Numerar)
Cost of labor: $0   (lots of sweat and blood)

I'm very pleased how this turned out.

*Credit for most of the labor goes to my dad, he's the bomb!


Lou :) said...

Oh Jolie the counter tops do look just amazing, I can't wait to see the backsplash with them, it will really transform the look too. AWESOME Job!! Kudos to You and your Dad =)

Amy said...

Jolie, your kitchen looks awesome! Your dad totally rocks! :)

Jolie said...

Thank you, I will pass the message on to my dad :)

Genie said...

Oh wow!!! I love the butcher block with the sink! I can't wait to see the backsplash. I'm totally intimidated by tile!

Jolie said...

Well I've tiled a floor before, but never a wall. I have a friend that's going to come over and try to help, so maybe we can figure it out together.