Friday, April 9, 2010

Grout for New Backsplash

Yesterday I stopped and picked up some premixed grout for my tiles.  When I opened it, I realized something didn't look right. It looked like it had sand all in it or something. I was told I needed unsanded grout so I had to take it back this morning and exchange it for a different kind. This new kind I got is a powder form and I have to mix it myself.  I had wanted pale gray, but like I said, noone in this town carries that color, so I got this one in an Antique White. It's sort of a pale beige color.

Here's what the sanded grout looked like on my tiles, this is just some sample pieces of tile I was using.

See how rough looking it is? I want it to have a smooth finish on the grout.

Let's hope I got the right stuff this time.

It doesn't say anything on the premixed bucket if it's sanded or not.  Nice of them to let you know that.
Here's what I got before, be sure not to buy this if you're wanting a smooth non-sanded grout.

Here is what I ended up getting this morning and I'm hoping it's the right stuff this time.  
I also hope it's going to be the right color. Who knew grout could be so complicated?

This is the result of me playing with my subway tile last night.  I'm so excited I can't wait! I just laid it out on the counter in the pattern I want it on the wall.

Tomorrow morning I will start putting it up. I have a friend coming over to help me.

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