Monday, April 19, 2010

My House - Before & After pictures

1963 Brick Ranch Home

Before and After photos






Living room details:  
  • Paint: Olympic Crumb Cookie
  • Floors: Solid Walnut wood (Mantle also solid walnut)
  • Couch: Macys
  • White slipcover chair: Ikea
  • Coffee table: yard sale (Refinished)
  • End table: antique
  • Curtains: Ikea, Roman shades: Lowes
  • Wall baskets: West Elm
  • Armoire: Pottery Barn
  • Area rug: JC Penney
  • Throw Pillows: Pottery Barn




Kitchen details:

  • Butcher block counters: Ikea Numerar Oak (sealed with Watco Butcher Block Oil & Finish)
  • Backsplash: Subway tile from Lowes
  • Faucet: Moeb from Lowes
  • Rug in front of counter: Ballard Designs
  • Canister set, towels, tier plate: Orla Kiely from Target
  • Apple green whistle kettle: Zappos (My dream kettle)
  • Herb pots on cabinets over sink: Ikea




Laundry room details:
  • Paint on brick walls: Sherman Williams Antique White
  • Paint on built in cabinets: Olympic Light Sage
  • White curtains: Ikea Vivan, Bamboo Roman Shades: Lowes
  • Curtain Rods: Kmart
  • Leaf rug: Target
  • Burlap curtain under cabinet:




Bedroom Details:
  • Paint on walls: Olympic Pale Vista
  • Floors: Solid Walnut Wood
  • Bed: Beauty Rest pillow top and headboard: Ashley
  • White sheets: Wamsutta
  • Down comforter: Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Duvet Cover: Pottery Barn
  • Bedskirt: Nate Berkus
  • Curtains: Ikea
  • Nightstand: Kane




Guest Bedroom details:
  • Paint color on walls: Sherwin Williams Natural Choice
  • Floors: Recycled Walnut wood
  • Curtains: Ikea Vivan
  • Bamboo Shades: Lowes
  • Duvet Cover: Ikea
  • Throw pillows: Etsy
  • Blue throw blanket: Ralph Lauren
  • White throw rug: Ikea
  • Wall Lamp and Nest pillow: Pottery Barn
  • Desk: LLBean
  • Tobacco basket: Antique store




Bathroom Details:

  • Wallpaper- Kathy Ireland Home; Garden Silhouette NL58196
  • Window Shade- Country  Curtains; Insulated Essex Roman Shade




I turned the coat closet into a library.  It wasn't getting much use before and  now I can store all my books and keep them organized.
  • Wood for shelves from my dads farm.
  • Primed and painted the shelves white.
  • Painted the walls Benjamin Moore Bone White
  • Unfinished french door from Lowes.
  • Primed and painted french door white.

The Floorplans

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      Lisa said...

      I've been following along as you've completed each step and I have to say you have done an AMAZING job. Even though I love every room.. I'm still green with envy over that laundry room. You have a great talent!

      Jolie said...

      Thanks so much! It's been fun decorating each room. Yes, I enjoy doing my laundry a little more in this room now that it's bright and cheerful. :)

      Chelsea said...

      Hi Jolie - Thanks for stopping by my blog. Every project always has a bump in the road - but you are correct, the end result is always worth it!

      You've done an amazing job on your house! It's beautiful, and I am in awe of your incredible laundry room. Every room is a huge transformation. I can't wait to see what you do to the outside now! :)

      Genie said...

      I love your style!! and I can't believe that hideous pink Pepto Bismol paint in the guest bedroom! LOL!

      Jolie said...

      Thanks Chelsea. I love my laundry room too, believe it or not, it's actually twice that size in that room, my office is taking up the other half of it!

      Genie, I know, you can imagine when I first walked in the house and saw the pink walls, but I knew that was an easy fix. I question a lot of decisions the previous owners did to this house, but I guess we all do that. haha

      Meg said...

      Your house is serious eye candy! This post makes me a very strong combo of jealous and inspired. Every bit of it is just adorable!

      Jolie said...

      Aww thanks Meg, that is so encouraging for me to hear :)

      lisa said...

      The house has become a home with all your projects. Cant wait to see what else you will do. Maybe you can come redo my kitchen for me!

      Pam said...

      I love your style! You've done an amazing job on the inside of the house and I'm sure the outside transformation will be beautiful too. Thanks for sharing!

      elizabethashleyphoto said...

      Hello! I came to your blog from YHL, and I love your style! You have done an amazing job with your rooms so far, and I can't wait to see more!

      Amy Lagerquist said...

      Beautiful! I especially love the simplicity of the guest bedroom...what a transformation from that yucky pink!

      I see a raised flower bed in front of your house, terraced to be level in front instead of sloping down.

      Keep up the great work!

      Jen said...

      What a gorgeous home you have. I just saw your Laundry Room makeover on YoungHouseLove and had to come over and see more. Love what you have done with your home. Can't wait to see the outside transformation.

      teresa-bug said...

      You have been very busy!!! What a cute house!

      Anonymous said...

      Just found your blog via YHL. What a lovely home! Kudos on all the hard work, its certainly paid off and your home is looking beautiful :-)

      Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

      Just found you through YHL, and I had to pick myself off the floor. Your home is gorgeous. I truly love it all. But, the living room has me drooling. I love the mixture of colors and textures. It's just perfect. said...

      Wow! your house looks so incredible Love the painted brick walls!

      Anonymous said...

      Your house is absolutely beautiful! Every room looks so natural and cozy!

      Anonymous said...

      Your house is lovely! I'm another visitor from YHL and I've really enjoyed checking out your blog. The outside of your house is cute now, so I can't wait to check back to see what you do with it!Thanks for sharing.

      Brieanne Fazio said...

      Very nice! I am thrilled to stumble across people who are as in love with their homes as I am! Also, I think the outside of your house is cute too!

      Rosanne said...

      Just found your blog from YHL. Really really nice. Just added you to my favorites, so I'll be visiting often!

      Beth said...

      Howdy from Texas! I just found your blog via YHL and love what you have done to your home. I too have a ranch style home and am in the process of redecorating. Your blog is inspirational!! I painted the paneling in my living room SW antique white too!!

      ♥k said...

      I notice you have baseboards in a lot of the rooms in the before pictures, but it looks like there removed in the after pictures. Am I just imagining things? I'm curious because we're looking for houses and a few of them have baseboard heat and I'm wondering if there is a quick fix to that...

      Anonymous said...

      You have such a great sense of style........your whole home is beautiful. Love all the textures. Look forward to seeing what you do next!

      Irene said...

      Hi! I found you via YHL and their Reader Redesign post from yesterday. You've got lovely style and I ate up your blog in much the same way as when I first found YHL. I even wrote a post about it today.

      Jolie said...

      ♥k, I had the baseboard heaters removed from each room. There is one still in the laundry room and bathroom, but they will eventually go, too. I don't use the baseboard heaters, since I have central heat and air, so there wasn't really a problem with that. I think it can get a little pricey to switch out the baseboard heat if that is all the house has.

      Lavender hearts said...

      You have done an amazing job with your home and I love the fact that you have done it on a shoestring budget. An inspiration to us all! :-)

      Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

      Hi, I found your blog from Shopping Candy. We were both featured there today. I loved seeing your room transformations. They are so peaceful and pretty. I also have a leather sofa and love white slipcovers, but your floors are what really take my breath away. Gorgeous.

      harshika said...

      Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous house you have there! Am totally jealous-in a nice way though and am so totally gonna copy your style. Err, that is supposed to be a compliment ok? I just bumped in to your blog and have been sitting here and staring at the pics since ages....want want want!


      Jules said...

      It's AWESOME!! You have worked so, so hard and have AMAZING results to show for cozy and welcoming but with your own special design. Love it!

      Chrissy McBride said...

      So, I don't know you nor do I know anyone you know--I happened upon your blog via link from one of the reverb10 people's blogs (also someone I don't know). Anyway, point is, i was so amazed by the beautiful transformations you made to your home that I had to comment. SUCH BEAUTIFUL WORK!

      Sarah said...

      I just came across your blog and am so impressed with your before and after photos! I especially love your idea of turning your coat closet into a little library - so sweet!


      beth said...

      Wow!! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love every single room.
      Could you tell me where you got that big basket in one of the photos of your header. I have noticed them in magazines, and have wondered where I can get one.

      Jolie said...

      Thanks so much!
      I got the tobacco basket at an antique store. I sent you an email with the links to the posts on my blog that talks about the basket.

      Tanya said...

      Your home is just too cute! I'm a new follower :)

      Liz Stevenson said...

      I love the closet turned library, What a great idea! I am a new follower and I can't get enough of your pictures, they make me want to run through my house and plan how to update it. Very inspirational.

      Anonymous said...

      Stumbled upon your blog...I, too, have a 1950's red brick ranch....Love the library bookcase....Fabulous!

      A Pearl In The Making said...

      Just found your blog and can't wait to add it to my google reader. You have done a wonderful job with your place.

      Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

      Hey Jolie, I'm pinning some of these on pinterest. HOpe you don't mind! It will link them back here to you.

      Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

      What a darling home you have :)

      Kellie said...

      so, i know this was so long ago, but i just wanted to tell you that i love your style!! and that 'turn the closet into a library' thing was genius!!!!! hope you're doing well.
      ps i found you via pinterest.

      Jolie said...

      Thanks Kellie, feel free to put comments on any post, I still read them.
      I already miss my library closet, I really enjoyed designing it.

      Kari said...


      I love your blog. I found it through pinterest and kept looking bc I live WS! Beautiful style. Thank you for your post on remembering what is important. I needed to be reminded. I am so sorry for your loss. Best wishes!

      Anonymous said...

      linked here from pentrest. The library closet is what I came to see, but everything you've done is awesome. inspiring indeed.
      You have a beautiful home.

      Brooke said...

      I love your home! We are buying a 60's ranch home as well and have a similar brick fireplace with wood paneling around it. I am going to copy you and paint the wood paneling white and change the brass surround to black! I just love your home! :)

      Eva Porter said...

      All your changes were lovely, but I especially loved your closet library idea. What a creative use of space.

      mridula said...

      yeah, I love the coat closet turned into a library. great idea.

      Carole said...

      We've turned a large closet into a 'library', but I don't like the sliding wood panel doors that cover it, but don't want the books open for view either. French doors are a great alternative. Love it.

      And I'd kill for a bathroom that large - 1970s ranch baths leave a lot to be desire. lol