Friday, April 2, 2010

Starting on Butcher Block Counters

We spent the whole day working on these butcher block counters. My mom and dad came over to help, well, my dad did most of the work. We removed all of the old counter tops.  They were peachy old laminate and really needed to go.

Here is the first counter top off.  The back splash was made out of the same creepy stuff.  They really had it glued on good. There's wood behind it.

You know my beautiful sink that I'm always raving about? Well, when we took the hooks off of it and started to move the top, the sink crashed through and fell to the bottom.  It bent up all the copper pipes and everything, so we had to make a dash to the store to get some replacement parts.  My dad thinks the sink may be too heavy for us to put back onto the butcher block. It feels like it weighs over 100 lbs. It's solid cast iron and probably around 45 inches wide. It is the widest sink I've ever seen! I want to keep it so bad.  We went and looked at sinks today at the store, but I just didn't like any of them the way I do this one, so I am going to try to salvage it and see if we can work with it.  Let's hope we can!

My sink crash :(

Dad working away removing counters.

Here are 2 of the pieces of the butcher block we got cut. They're just laying on top of the cabinets for now, we haven't attached them yet.  They do look beautiful, I love them.

I got a new sink faucet that looks like this.

Moen Lexie faucet

For the backsplash, subway tile is going up. I'm going to attempt this on my own.

I'm not sure when this project will be done, I'm also working on my friends kitchen this weekend, too.

It's so nice to walk by and see the butcher block there now :) I can't wait until it's all finished!  My rug came in from Pottery Barn for under the kitchen table, but I forgot to take pics of it before we piled everything from the counters on top of  my kitchen table. It looks like a tornado has gone through my kitchen right now.

More crazy kitchen pics coming soon.


Lou :) said...

wow!!!! i am so thankful no one was hurt. Your place is looking just lovely!!!! :]

Jolie said...

Yes, I'm glad noone was hurt, too. We're quite dangerous.

Lisa said...

Oh myyy...That's one heavy sink! Dontcha just love it when unforseen problems cost more money and time? Been through a lot of that myself lately! After what you did with your laundry room I can't wait to see what you do with your kitchen. (I really do have laundry room envy).

Jolie said...

Yes, I didn't expect the sink to fall like that and I really didn't think about having to get a different sink. We're going to try to finish it up today so we have another long day ahead of us.

What's funny about me having this huge laundry room, is my house is just so tiny. A little 2 bedroom 1 bath, I'm amazed myself it has a laundry room this big. :)

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