Friday, May 28, 2010

How does your Garden Grow?

It's so fun to see how the garden keeps getting bigger each day.  I am just picturing how it will look when it gets fully grown, if I can keep it alive that long!  What do you use to fertilize your garden? Is there a good organic or toxin free way I can be fertilizing it?  Does anyone compost?  I am scared to try it for some reason, it seems complicated and smelly :p

Thought I would post a picture of my leaf lettuce... it has sprouted!! I planted it from seeds, so to watch it go from looking like a pile of dirt to little green leaves is so neat.  Can you tell I'm a garden virgin? hehe


The tomato plants are getting bigger, too! I've got a whole row of them, so I should have lots of tomatoes this summer. I'm going to can some of them, too.


The plums are getting much bigger on my plum tree.


I planted my hydrangeas behind my house, I can't wait for these to get huge!!!!  I wouldn't care if they grew taller than my roof! I love hydrangeas so much.


My dad is growing a huge garden on his farm. He started his a few weeks before mine and he's already eating the lettuce and things out of his! He has a green thumb and some sort of dirt that has super powers in it  :)

My dad's leaf lettuce and scallion from his garden.

I made me a nice fresh garden salad last night with the lettuce and fresh farm eggs.
Oh I forgot to mention, see that cutting board, that was wood left over form my butcher block counters, so I had a couple of cutting boards made out of it and kept one and gave the other one to a friend.

For my salad, I put leaf lettuce, spinach, eggs, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, scallions, and an oil and vinegar dressing I made myself and topped it off with Nutritional yeast (tastes like cheese).  Yes, that is the serving bowl it is in and I ate it all, you can never make a salad too big!  

I've been looking for some recycling containers for my kitchen and stumbled upon these today.  They don't stand up when they are empty so I'm not really sure how that would work.  If anyone has any neat ideas for your recyclables, please let me know or share a link.

$6.99 each from World Market.


Serawyn said...

Your garden is looking great! I would suggest using chicken manure because it has the highest nitrogen (N), phosphoric acid (P) and potash (K) combination...which is great for your graden.

You can read a bit more here:

If you'd like to start a compost, it's actually quite easy and you'd see your run to the garage bins a lot less! Your city might even give out free ones so you might want to start looking there.

Jolie said...

Thanks Serawym.
So chicken manure? I do know of a couple of people with some chickens, I will check into that. I'll also check into the compost bins with my city, but I'm not going to hold my breath because it's a small town and a little behind in the times.

Chelsea said...

Wow, how cool! I'm so excited for you. Your seedlings are actually growing! As oppposed to... dying. LOL, I bought some flowers a week ago and some of them are already dead! Did I mention I have a really black thumb? ;)


Lou :) said...

your garden looks yummy :) I love it and can't wait to see more

Rachel said...

(1) Your salad looks SO delicious!
(2) Here are a couple of posts from a professional organizer's blog (I'm in no way affiliated with her) which offer recycling bin ideas (including the jute ones you mentioned, incidentally).

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} said...

We just use two small plastic garbage pails lined with a plastic bag to keep them from getting icky. They work perfect and they don't fall over. ;) The best part is we already had them in our home.

Love the hydrangeas!

Anonymous said...

hang hooks on the wall of your garage and attach the bags....

Anonymous said...

We just got these and I like them since they cover up the contents, snap together (or apart) and are large enough to hold a paper bag which we pull out and take to the curb.