Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update on my Countertops

Lately when people come over, I've been getting a lot of positive comments on my butcher block counters.  Thought I would give an update and show a picture since I resealed them recently.  I absolutely love them!  I started sealing them with Tung oil and changed my mind after a few coats of it and decided to put 2 final coats of Watco Butcher Block Oil & Finish on top. It's the coating that you see on those wooden salad bowls and such and is completely safe for food and FDA approved.  Although I won't be using mine for an actual cutting board, food will be getting on it all the time, so I wanted to be on the safe side.  The oil just rubs on like any oil with either a brush or rag, then you let it dry and it dries hard to the touch. A very smooth and beautiful finish.

I do not regret getting the butcher block counters one bit.  Sometimes, I just want to stand and stare at them they're so pretty and turned out so well.  These are the solid oak ones from Ikea called Numerar.

The sealer really brings out the character in the wood, you can see every detail.  It also made them look a little darker, which I like, too.

When I first moved in, I remember thinking how I liked this big sink, but it needed a little loving care to bring out it's best.  After a lot of scrubbing and  new drains and faucet, she looks beautiful, like a brand new sink!



You know what is funny, I have more fun using my kitchen now.  I love cooking in it and it even makes the food taste better :p  Really!  hehe  Well, to me it does.

This morning I made me a smoothie, I may start posting some of my cooking on my blog because I love to cook.  This kind of smoothie may not be everyones thing, it's a green smoothie.
If you or your kids don't like to eat vegetables or greens, this is a great way to eat them instead.  I put in strawberries, bananas, mango and peaches, fresh OJ, coconut milk, honey, and then just stuck the fresh spinach leaves in.  Blend and it turns into a green smoothie. 

You can't taste the spinach at all!  All I taste is the yummy goodness of the fruit.

I can hear a couple of my friends screaming ewww, but you really must try it. You would be pleasantly surprised.
Oh and making it on my pretty butcher block counter made it taste a little better, too.   :-D


Anonymous said...

am I one of those friends that say ewwww, lol

Genie said...

I love your counters... and Green Monsters!! (smoothies) :)

Jolie said...

I dunno Anonymous, I'm guessing you are L, hehe.

Thanks Genie, glad you like Green Monsters, too! I need to go get some of your healthy recipes! :)

Chelsea@ThisFreshFossil said...

Mmm... smoothies! Just might have to try out your smoothie recipe in our new blender. And kudos to you for keeping that old beaut of a sink - she looks gorgeous now!


Jolie said...

I'm so glad I kept the sink Chelsea. I formed some kind of attachment to it for some reason. I am sure some people would have come into this house in its former state and want to gut the whole thing and start over, but I saw the potential and am glad I followed my vision.

Memoirs of a Makeup Addict said...

The Smoothie sounds good.
Can you post the recipe?

Jolie said...

I don't have an exact recipe, because I sort of just made it up as I went along. I would say this is approx.

-1 cup of frozen fruit of your choice
-1/2 cup of orange juice
-1/2 cup of coconut milk
-1 tbsp of honey
-1 cup of fresh spinach leaves

You may have to work with it a little to get the consistency to your liking, like adding more juice and such. Hope you enjoy! :)

Lou :) said...

:| really???? ...... giggle

Katy Stuhr said...

I always put spinach or kale in my smoothies. The OJ covers up the taste of the spinach and blueberries mask the taste of kale. So delicious and good for you!

But, I have never tried coconut milk in my smoothie. Totally trying this tomorrow morning. Thanks for the tip!

Carolyn said...

I remembered this post and had to come back to it to thank you! My kids love smoothies, but hate green veggies. You inspired me to add some spinach to our smoothies this afternoon, and they gobbled it up! Probably the first time my almost-2-year-old son has ever eaten spinach. Awesome idea! Thanks! :)

Jolie said...

I'm so glad your children loved the smoothies. You really can't taste the spinach at all like this :)

Denice said...

What was the name of the products you used to seal your countertop? How have they stood the test of time?

Denice said...

What was the name of the products you used to seal your countertop? How have they stood the test of time?

Denice said...

What was the name of the products you used to seal your countertop? How have they stood the test of time?

Jolie said...

I used Watco butcher block sealer from Lowes. It holds up well and you just reapply once a year or as needed. You rub it on with a cloth,it's like an oil, but it dries hard to protect the wood.

M Dunlap said...

We are in the final stages of a complete kitchen remodel and are stuck on sealing options for the butcher block counters. how has your sealer held up around the sink area? My husband is insisting on waterlok but i would prefer sealing.

Jolie said...

I used Watco Butcher block sealer. It is FDA approved to be food safe, that's why I chose it. It's also really easy to use, just rub it on, it's the consistency of an oil. It dries hard and seals really good. Very easy. :)
You can pick it up at Lowes or Home Depot.

LW said...

Did you lay your butcher block over your old sink? How did you mount it under....since it doesn't look like an undermounted sink in the first picture?

Lauren said...

I was wondering about the undermounted sink as well...I would love to do the same to mine and was curious how you accomplished it!