Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garden veggies still growing.

I wanted to take pics of my garden yesterday, but it rained the whole day and I didn't get to.  I went out and snapped these photos this morning.

My zucchini is flowering!

I staked up my tomatoes.

The garden is coming along quite nice so far.
I haven't fixed the fencing around it yet.

I can't wait to have fresh garden veggies!

I made me a garden veggie enchilada the other night, once my garden matures, I will be able to get alot of these things from my own garden to make the enchiladas.

I used zucchini, red bell pepper, corn, and onions!  I'll have all of that but the corn, my dad is growing corn so I can get that from his garden.  I'll take a pic of his the next time I'm over there, he's already eating from his because he's the garden king.

Saute the veggies.

Put veggies in corn tortillas, pour sauce over and sprinkle with cheese and bake.

Then dip them out on a plate and enjoy :)

Ok mine doesn't look real pretty, you are suppose to use the red sauce, but I used the green.  I always tweak my recipes. I don't eat a lot of dairy so I also didn't use anywhere near as much cheese as it calls for.  It was still really good.

Here is what they are suppose to look like.

If you want the recipe, click on this photo of the recipe below to enlarge it.
Recipe is from Veggie Life - Summer 2006

I am like one of those crazy new moms that posts a hundred pics of their kid at every single stage and thing they do, but I am posting pics of my garden every time it does something! LOL  My garden is my new baby :)


Fashion Meets Food said...

How fabulous is your garden doing! Absolutely love it... this is when I wish I didnt live in an apartment. However my balcony is full FULL of plants LOL. Ooops! Your food looks insanely good!


Chelsea@ThisFreshFossil said...

Wow, your garden is looking fantastic! Haha, with all these photos of the progress of your garden you could (at the end of the season) line them all up and show the progression of the garden, from the first weeks to the last. :) And I think I would report on my own plants' progress all the time just like you - if I hadn't practically murdered all mine already! lol


LoU :) said...

Thank you for the recipe !!!! I am going to try this, looks so yummy :)

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Yum! The vegetables looks great