Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making Over my Friend's Yellow Kitchen

One of my friends had a kitchen that she could barely cook in.  I say that because the color of it made you not feel like cooking!  When I walked in, all I felt like doing was taking a paint brush to it, it was in desperate need of help.

One day she went on vacation and was gone for a week.  Her husband always liked to surprise her with doing something around the house.  So can you imagine the horror she felt when she walked in and saw this bright yellow kitchen glaring at her?   Big Bird yellow? Really, what was he thinking?  She always told him that she wanted a yellow kitchen, so he granted her wish.

She asked me to give her kitchen a make over and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I made sure I picked calming colors this time.  Here are the before and after pictures.

My friends bright yellow kitchen.






Her home is about 100 years old, so we ran into a lot more obstacles than we planned.  What we were hoping would only take a week or two to do, ended up taking months! We ran into so many problems.  As you can see, her husband painted over everything! Including hardware on cabinets, lights switches, electrical outlets, we even saw where he painted the counter tops and hid it with contact paper because he realized he went a little over board.  Yes that green stuff on the counters in the before photos is contact paper stuck on her counters!  Since the house is so old, nothing was level.  There were about 8 or so coats of paint and after we finished painting, it all started chipping back off, so we had to start all over again! It would take a novel to explain all the problems we went through, but we finally finished it!  Ok it isn't completely finished, but it is almost there.  

My friend's daughter loves the chalkboard door as you can see, she has wrote on every square inch of it :)

The Makeover:
  • Painted cabinets Olympic Frosty Pine
  • Painted  the walls Benjamin Moore Bone White
  • Replaced ruined back splash with beadboard
  • Painted with chalkboard paint on her door, I got the idea from this inspiration photo.
  • Peeled contact paper off counters and scrubbed down to the white laminate counters.
  • Put up curtain rods and curtains.
  • Replaced outlets, light switches and covers.
  • Replaced hardware on cabinets.
We're going to hopefully replace the counter tops with butcher block.

A puppy she found in the backyard.

Let this be a reminder to never tell your husband that you want a room painted a certain color.  You have been warned and seen for yourself what kind of damage this can cause.

The names of the victims involved in this kitchen crime have been left out to protect the innocent.


Memoirs of a Makeup Addict said...

WOW!! That was a bright yellow!! The after is such a great transformation.

Chelsea@ThisFreshFossil said...

Hahaha, I like the warning at the end of the post. My jaw dropped when I saw that blinding yellow - and then that he even painted the counters! I'm sure he had good, sweet intentions, wanting to surprise her and all... buuuttt... yeah. :) I love my own husband to death, but if he ever decided to paint something to surprise me, it would probably be bright purple and green or something! He's colorblind, so usually he trusts me with the color stuff. :)

Fabulous kitchen makeover! You guys did a fantastic job! I really love it. From the new paint to the beadboard, sink area and chalkboard door - it looks amazing. Classic, clean and I think it even resembles some pottery barn a bit. I LOVE it. And I know how much work painting a kitchen is... ugh. :( And the unlevel stuff? Yeahhh. So I can sympathize with you guys. But the results are so worth it! It's like, 1000x better! Nice job.


Anonymous said...

I am a lover of yellow but that was a bit much. Kind of a harsh yellow. Your makeover looks great. It had to be rewarding to see such a positive change.

Kourtney said...

I can't believe the color of that yellow!! It's unbelievable. The poor husband who thought he was doing his wife a favor :) It looks so much better now--good work!

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} said...

That is the most hideous shade of yellow! Yikes! So glad you could provide a soothing transformation for her. If I came home to that yellow I would have been in tears!

I found you on YHL, loved your laundry room redo. :)


Elisabeth said...

Wow, that kitchen is amazing! I love the shades of green both in this kitchen and your laundry room. I don't even mind the counter tops, they're kind of vintage cool. Do you know what the color on the wall above the beadboard is?
Great job~


Jolie said...

The wall color is Benjamin Moore Bone White. It's a beautiful color.

Sara said...

The kitchen looks great! I'm about to start repainting my own kitchen cabinets, and they are also very old with many layers of chipping paint. I would love to know exactly what you did to these cabinets to get them looking so good. Thanks!

Lou :) said...

The kitchen you and Lisa worked so hard on is just lovely :)

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

A family member pointed me in the direction of this post and I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm a sucker for a good kitchen makeover, especially a white kitchen makeover. WOW - that is a BRIGHT yellow, but I love what you've done here, it looks so serene and peaceful.

Great job, hope you'll stop by and visit when you get the chance!

-Ann Marie

Jeanne said...

My friend just emailed me the horrid yellow kitchen link. She took pity on me b/c my husband let the kids do this:

She thought I'd totally understand. You are and awesome friend to help her re-do it. Amen!

Whew xo jeanne.

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