Friday, June 25, 2010

The Mighty Garden

I'm over at my dad's place today, you should see his garden! It's amazing! He planted his only a few weeks before mine and look at this.

Dad's garden with Blueridge Mountains in background.

He's already got tomatoes, onions (my onions died), squash, zucchini (my zucchini died), beans, sweet potatoes, corn, cucumbers, jalapeƱo peppers, green peppers, leaf lettuce, cayenne peppers, and field peas.




I am amazed at how easy it is for him to garden, I really need to find an area at my house that gets more sun. Would it be too weird to put it in the front yard?

One more thing, I had to show this beautiful pool.  I went to a book club/pool party last night at a friends house and she has the most wonderful pool.  I felt like I was at a resort!  I would never leave my backyard.



Anonymous said...

I found your blog from Young House Love and just wanted to say that I love it! Hope you don't mind that I am tagging along. Your house looks really great and I love the floors!

Amy Lagerquist said...

Your dad's garden looks wonderful...and I love the scenery in the background. If your front yard is sunny enough, by all means move your garden there! I just saw this blog post on front yard gardens: Also, my friends in the city built two large raised beds in the parking strip bewteen the road and sidewalk in front of their house, and they grow AMAZING veggies!! Go for it!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Holy moley! That is a gorgeous garden and an amazing view.

I think you can get away putting your garden anywhere you'd like. ;) We're lucky that we have tons of sun in our yard, but our new house doesn't have that luxury. I'm interested to see how next year goes.

Erin said...

I've seen a lot of houses that have vegetable gardens. I think you just have to make it look "pretty" like your house. Go for it!

Abby said...

How about my dad's garden is just like that! (Minus the mountains, you lucky thing.) And I had book club at my house last night. Ha.

Laura (youngDCliving) said...

Edible gardens are the best :)

Crystal Rose said...

Your dad's garden is great and the plants are very healthy.There is no problem putting your garden in your front yard as long as it has a good soil and sunny enough to make plants grow better there. Just make it clean and nice.

Rose Silver said...

I really love the garden of your dad. There's nothing wrong putting your garden in your front yard. Many of my friends have front yard garden. They plant vegetables but the borders are very colorful flowering plants that doesn't make the vegetable plants obvious.