Friday, June 4, 2010

Working On The Dresser

I am being so lazy about this dresser.  I started refinishing it weeks ago it seems and I am still not done.  Maybe I am hitting some sort of burn out mode with all the work I've been putting into the  house lately?  I'm going to try to finish this dresser up because I know it will look really nice once it's done, plus I will have a place to put my clothes again.  I have a beach trip planned for next month! Maybe I will be refreshed from that and can get back into the swing of things.

This is the dresser.

This is what I've started.  I took the drawers out and primed the bottom.
Used some varnish remover and an orbital sander on the top.  I'm thinking of investing in a different type of sander. I'm starting to not be so fond of this one.

Getting all the varnish and stain off down to the white pine.  Oh what a task that is!

Then I put a coat of pre-stain conditioner on the top.  I do this so it doesn't look splotchy and streaky. 

I stained it with Minwax dark walnut.  I need to start experimenting with different types of stains, because I'm convinced this one is not a very good quality stain.  Even with the pre-stain conditioner, it was a little blotchy.

I'm going to put one more coat of the stain on it, then seal it with tung oil.  Then I have to put 2 more coats of paint on the bottom and I haven't even primed the drawers yet.  So this will still be a bit longer until it's finished.  

I'm working on a homemade bulletin board to put over it on the wall above, I'm also running into problems with that, too!  

Stay tuned, I am hoping to have this dresser finished within a week or so.  Do you have any easy methods for completely removing varnish and stain? I would love to hear of some tips.


Chelsea said...

Sorry, no tips or advice there. :( But keep at it - your dresser is going to be drop-dead gorgeous when you're done! :)


Lou :) said...

you are doing such a great job Jolie :) can't wait to see it all done :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Heyy girly! Just came across your blog and love it! Your dresser is going to be fab! You have a new follower!

xo enjoy your Sunday!

Sara said...

Hey, I just refinished a dresser that looks very similar!
I love your blog!