Friday, August 13, 2010

Making Homemade Wine

As you know from my previous posts, my parents live on a huge farm in the mountains of NC.  They grow their own food, can their own food, my dad makes his own bread, and something I like that he does is make his own wine.

I thought I would take you through a few of the steps as he makes the wine.  I wasn't able to catch every step because it takes months to make it.  There is a lot of fermenting involved.  The photo to the left is some of the wine he's bottled.

There are a variety of different kinds, but I know muscadine is one of the main ones he bottles.  I love muscadine grapes, they are my favorite!

Here are his grape vines, I had posted this in an earlier post, but just in case you missed it!  He has grape vines scattered around throughout his property, which is close to around 100 acres.  Each year they just keep getting bigger and grow out farther.  I think they're so beautiful. I love vinyards.

These aren't exact step by step instructions on making wine, just an overview, because the task is a little involved.  You would need to speak to someone who knows a lot about this if you wanted to get started making your own wine.

1.  First off you pick the clusters of grapes from the vine. Then you sit and pull each grape off the clusters.

2.  Then you wash the grapes.

3.  Then Mash up the grapes and put them in a big bucket.  After the grapes and grape juice are in it, you add some water and sugar. Then you put some yeast in it.  Put a cloth on top of it so the bugs can't get in and let it sit for a week to ferment.

4.  He hasn't got to this step yet for this batch, but you then strain all the pulp and such out and pour it into this big bottle.  You let it sit for another month or so.  Take it and strain it again to get the very last bits of pulp that may be remaining and continue to let it sit for another month or so.

5.  Pour it into wine bottles and seal it with a cork!  Tada!   Here's some of the wine he's bottled already.  He would have more, but we like to drink it and give it away to people.

This year we're going to do some grape juice without making it into wine.  I'm just going to can it and put it in Mason jars.  So delicious!   Hope you enjoyed the little wine making tour.

I'm out at my folks farm for the next week or so, that's why I haven't been able to work on any projects around my house lately.  My dishwasher and freezer are being delivered today!  I have someone at my house there waiting so they can deliver it.  I'll get pics of that as soon as it's all hooked up. I did decide on a color for my kitchen cabinets.  I'm going with Olympic White Cream.  I was having a hard time finding something that didn't clash with my yellow walls in the kitchen.  The creamy white is a tad lighter than the yellow so I think it will work.  I painted a swatch from a sample can onto the cabinet and really like it.  We'll see!  I know the plan was to start painting this past Monday, but I haven't been home long enough to get started on it.  Maybe I'll start this weekend.  That's all for now  :)


Anonymous said...

Cool that your parents grow and do so much for themselves and share too.

Can't wait to see the NEW kitchen!

Have a great weekend,

Amy said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Southern Sassafras said...

I'm going to make some wine soon, a friend made some last year, and it was so good! I'm gonna have her teach me.

Louise-Arden said...

His wine is so yummy too :) I remember the bottle you gave me didn't last that was too good.

Jon Christie said...

Very cool, I'd love to make some wine someday.

Constance said...

I brought home some NC muscadine & scuppernong wine in June. WIsh I had bought more!