Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Painted White Barn

I'm over at the farm today, will be coming over here for the next couple of weeks.  I just wanted to show some before and afters that my dad has been up to.  I have always loved this old barn.  He decided to paint it white this past weekend.  What a difference it looks painted white.

Can you see the cows in there?  Well let me take you around back for a better look.

Here's how the barn looked before he painted it, this was taken quite a while back.

I also had taken some pics of it in black and white and I have this framed on the wall in my living room.

Here's his shed he had built. There use to be an old house here that he tore down and built over it.  That is the original well that's next to it, I'm so glad he left that there.

Notice he painted the shed all white, too.  Now do you see where I get it from?  It's the genes that make me paint everything white! :-D

Here are the grapevines back behind the shed.

They keep getting bigger each year, he's going to have a nice vineyard soon!

He makes wine with the grapes.  I need to take pics of him making it, it's really neat.  He started making some this weekend, but I missed getting pictures of it. Maybe the next batch he makes I can sneak over and get some pics of it.  He's still letting the grapes ferment right now so I don't think he's ready to start anymore yet.
I'm also trying to get him to can me some grape juice so I can have to drink.  How yum would that be?!

My parents home.  


Anonymous said...

Yup, it must be in the genes to paint stuff white in your family! LOL

Great pics. Love the water pump house and that shed. It's like a tiny house.

Tracy said...

Pure loveliness!

Louise-Arden said...

So lovely Jolie, looks peaceful :) Truly God's Country :D

Cathy @ The Far Fifty said...

What a beautiful location! Just gorgeous!

Jules said...

Love! Such bucolic pictures - it's peaceful, you know? And I love your doggie just in the lower corner of the last one.