Monday, December 13, 2010

Wood You Keep Me Warm

I did a little rearranging over the weekend.  I have all my firewood piled up outside in the carport and with these below freezing temperatures we have been having already this year, I thought it would make more sense to have my wood inside instead.  I've thought about doing this for a while, but wasn't sure it would look too great with a pile of wood in my living room.  Keeping warm is higher on my list, so in came the wood!

I cut a plastic garbage bag to put under it to catch all the debris.

I'm just keeping it like this for the winter, then I will put my sofa table back again.
Oh and before you get scared that some bugs may have snuck in with the logs, the freezing temps lately have most likely kept a lot of the bugs away. I hope. My mom was afraid I would bring a snake in! 

Domino Magazine

I have actually seen this a lot in magazines and websites where there is wood piled up near a fireplace.  Here's a photo I stumbled upon recently that I thought looked nice with the wood.

For those that have non-working fireplaces, decorating the inside of the fireplace with logs is also an option.  I think this look is really creative.

Photos from Apartment Therapy & Tony Hutchinson

Stay warm!


Genie said...

It looks so warm and cozy!!

Paige said...

Ah, I love a wood burning stove and I love the look of bare wood in the home. After some renovations we had to take our stove out (for now). We have intentions of putting it back in, most likely by next winter. Stay warm!

Jeanne said...

Julie, thank for visiting my blog.
I love your home! Fabulous! I hopped on as a follower.
xox Jeanne

Jeanne said...

OOPS!! I meant jOlie!!! sorry!

Susanne said...

I'm all for having the wood stacked inside. Besides looking great, I don't have to brave the outdoors to bring it in! It's also a visual reminder that as the pile shrinks, we're moving closer to spring! (My husband would never go for it, though..too worried about termites!)

Another idea for a non-working fireplace: I visited a tea room in our area that is in a 100+ year-old house. The fireplace is non-functional, but to add some ambience, the owners put a grapevine garland entwined with twinkling white lights inside the fireplace. It was surprisingly very effective in adding a touch of glow and sparkle to the room!

Southern Sassafras said...

Love the way it looks, very cozy!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

It looks great inside! It looks like a magazine photo! Love it!
Have a pretty day!

Amy said...

I really like this, Jolie. So beautiful AND practical. I enjoy functional decor!

Julie said...

It's a great accent in the room! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Chelsea said...

That looks great! For now we have baskets to hold our meager wood that we've picked up at the store, but next year we're thinking of buying a whole bunch of wood. No idea where we'd store it. Perhaps we'll store it in the living room, too - it's convienent and pretty! :)