Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue Like Jazz - Book Review

Blue Like Jazz is a really great read. The author is very creative with his writing. I think he has a very unique style, a very artsy and poetic way to his writing. This book is Christian based. (Nonreligious Thoughts On Christian Spirituality) After reading the book I couldn't believe how much we think alike, especially concerning God.

This book seems to be geared toward a younger crowd, mostly for people under 30. That's not to say that people over 30 won't enjoy it. I really enjoyed reading this and God did speak to me in many ways as I read it. I'd also like to say that this book seems geared more toward someone who has never found God before, not for someone who already has found that close relationship with him.

I thought the book was going to be about someone who found God, then fell away from God, then came back to him again, which was what I was wanting to read about.  It was more about the author giving the testimonies of his friends and his friends experiences with God. He does talk about his own journey, too.

His message in this book is more about a down to earth relationship with God,  not all the fancy church talk and Christianese that you would expect from a spiritual book. It focuses on how real God is in our day to day lives in the least little details of what we do. It goes in a different direction from the feel good books that try to teach you a bunch of ways to be holy in order to get a move or experience from God.

He gets to the raw and simple truth which sometimes people can lose sight of that and try too hard. Even turn others away from Christianity because standards can sometimes seem set too high for others to live up to.

All in all, I liked his message. I would recommend this book for someone who is searching for God, but is turned off by the hypocrisy that can be in the church today.


CalypsoInTheCountry said...

Sounds like an interesting book! I am always looking for really meaningful books to read. I will have to check it out!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just had to tell you that your mango dream was pretty wild - especially when you hear this...I have been putting together a post about coincidences and have been writing down things that happened so I can write it on my blog. When I read your comment I couldn't believe it! Seriously, that is just so weird! Maybe we should both play the lottery or something today!!!

Jenny said...

You last post has inspired me to finally comment on your wonderful blog that I read often. :) Growing up in church, I can relate to you looking for a book that pushes you in a different way. So I had to share my most recent read that I did with my church called The Good and Beautiful God ( by James Bryan Smith. I can't express how great it is and opened my eyes to so many things. :)

Thanks so much for your blog and happy reading!

Jolie said...

Shelley, That is so funny about the coincidences! As I was writing the dream in your post, I said to myself, what am I doing telling her my dream? LOL But when I saw those mangos, avocado and lime sitting there I just HAD to! Yes, off to play the lottery! haha

Jenny, Thanks for the book recommendation, I love getting recs. I will definitely check that book out.

Grayson said...

Great choice! I haven't made it to this one yet, but I've heard great things. Check out my blog when you can, there's some reading lists there that you might enjoy. I try to bring God into our culture by writing about current events and how they relate to Christianity, as well as through some thoughts of my own. Love the blog! Keep up the good work.

P.S. - I can't remember if we told you, but my wife and I asked for advice on how to white wash a while back. We refinished our coffee table: stained the top, white washed the bottom. It worked just like you said!