Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cherry Smoothie

After we picked all the cherries, then comes the task of pitting them.  So I borrowed this fancy pitting contraption from my dad to pit the cherries.  You just put them in the little cup part of it, they roll down into the shoot, then you press down on that black lever and it knocks the pit out of it into a little tray at the bottom and the pitted cherries fall into the bowl.  

Next I just laid the cherries on a bunch of cookie racks so they don't touch each other, then freeze overnight.

This morning I got up and threw them all in freezer bags.

Then made myself a cherry smoothie for breakfast!


Cherry Smoothie
-Frozen cherries
-Plain Yogurt
-Frozen Acai
-Almond milk

I'm not sure what else I will make with the cherries, this is the first time I've frozen cherries like this, so I need to come up with some ideas for them.  If you have any, just throw them my way.  :)
My dad is going to use his for his breakfast in the mornings.  Every morning he makes a little concoction of cottage cheese, Flax oil, nuts, seeds, and fruit.  

Someone commented on my last post asking what I was going to do with the cherries, so I thought I would post this little smoothie recipe.  Enjoy!  :)


Nicole said...

I love Cherries! They are probably my favorite fruit. My mom and I used to buy a huge bag of them at the store (they are kind of expensive there!) and we would eat the entire bag between the 2 of us! That smoothie sounds so good! The only thing I can suggest is to try them in a friend makes one with chicken and uses a lemon poppy seed dressing and it's delish!

Move Laugh Aloha said...

Looks so yummy!

Fabiana said...

Looks so good and healthy too!