Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garden Progress

My garden is doing pretty good so far. Minus the weeds!  My plan was to buy a larger and higher fence to put around the garden this year to keep Little Foot out, but I never got around to it, so I just used what I had here and tied string around it. He dug a big hole in it and messed up a few things, but I tried to fix it and now keep a better eye on him when he's out.

It's grown a lot in just 1 month!

Here is how the deck plants are doing.

I'm so glad my chives lived!

My lawnboy had mowed them down and I didn't know if they would make it after I uprooted them from the garden. They are hefty little plants.


My Topsy Turvy is also doing better than I expected. 
I didn't know if these things really worked or not, but I actually think it's doing better than the tomatoes in the garden or in the pots.  Still have to wait to see how many tomatoes it gives me, there are lots of tiny little green ones on it already.

Here is my first tomato I got to pick, it grew from one of the potted plants. It looks real pretty, but it didn't taste that great and it had a really funny texture to it.  So sad.  :(
The plant I got this tomato from is dying, looks like it has some sort of fungus attacking it. 
Little tiny black dots all over the leaves. I have no idea what to do about that, if anyone knows what it is or how to treat it, please let me know.

The flowers are coming back nicely this year, too.

Here's the Hydrangeas.

The rhododendron that was here when I moved here. 
Last year it didn't bloom really, but this year it is in full bloom!

Well, that's what I got so far.
How is your garden or plants doing this year?


Comeca Jones said...

Sounds like a fungus I think you should move it away from the other plants it can spread!

Comeca Jones said...

Things are lookin good especially the hydrangea.

Move Laugh Aloha said...

I'm impressed! I can't wait until I have a house with a yard and can grow fun things to eat!

Loretta said...

Your garden is really growing... The flowers are lovely too! Hope you have a big bounty! Hugs!

Michelle said...

Holy Moly look at how much they have grown and those poor chives I can't believe he mowed over them! But look at them go now. I'm very jealous I'm still struggling to keep my few herbs alive, I really need to put in retic so I dont have to remember to water them by hand :)

Nicole said...

wow...I really wanted to have a garden this year but time got away from us...maybe next year. Yours is really doing great!

Anonymous said...

Our tomato plants have been getting those weird black dots all over them too!! Maybe later today I'll google "black dot tomato plague sweeping country" and see if anything pops up!

Maura said...

You are so lucky to have a little garden - my house is deep in the woods and shaded - no direct sunlight makes for a cool home but a home with no garden!

That is one gorgeous tomato, too!!