Friday, July 15, 2011

A Green Bean Day

Yesterday we spent the whole day canning green beans.  Talk about having fresh home veggies, we started out first thing in the morning picking them from the garden. We had so many huge bowls of beans I wish I had taken a picture, but I completely forgot to take pics of the processes until the very end when we had them all canned.  So these cans are from all the hard work we did yesterday. Canning them involved...

  • Picking them from the garden
  • Filling sink and soaking to wash off dirt
  • Snapping each bean (snap off each end, then snap into bite sizes)
  • Then filling sink again and re-soaking to wash off remaining dirt
  • Sterilizing Mason and Ball jars
  • Fill each jar with beans 
  • Add pinch of salt
  • Sterilize lids
  • Add lids
  • Set pressure cooker and put jars in cooker (this sterilizes any contaminants or bacteria in beans)
  • Remove and put on table and wait for that POP sound when the lid seals

We finished with 61 cans of green beans.

It was a  fabulous and fulfilling day, now we have lots of green beans to get us through the winter. 

Here is my post from last  year when we were - Canning Green Beans.


r8chel said...

We canned a lot of green beans during my growing-up years, and I always loved the pop of each jar sealing.

Paige said...

Cool! We picked some green beans from our garden this week too. Except we just steamed them and ate them! Enjoy!

Jules said...

Will you eat all 61 jars yourself?

Jolie said...

Jules, no a friend helped me. We're splitting them. I definitely won't eat all 61 jars. I will probably be canning more beans in another week or so for my parents.

Katie said...

Looks great! Even though I grew up with home canned green beans (and all manner of other things), the feeling of productivity and accomplishment is unbeatable! Since I got married, I've started learning to can and I'm loving it! Hoping to can some beans this year as well as put a few in the freezer to have for stirfrying.

Whit said...

I picked up a jar of pickled green beans at the local farmer's market and they have become my new favorite snack.
I love green beans!

Dixie Belle's Cupcakes said...

Great Blog, so glad I found you! Look forward to seeing what you do next!