Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I Love about Mount Airy, NC

  • The great friends I've made.
  • Walking down by the beautiful creek at Riverside Park. 
  • No traffic
  • Slow pace/laid back
  • Walks down Main St.
  • All the quaint little stores along Main St.
  • Meeting my parents for lunch when they're in town.
  • The festivals (Autumn Leaves, Mayberry Days, etc.)
  • My little church of only about 25 folks 
  • Seeing all the runners and cyclists going throughout the town.
  • Salmon salad at 13 Bones.
  • The serenity of Sunday mornings, hardly a car on the roads.
  • The sound of birds outside my window as I type away at my keyboard.
  • The squirrels chasing each other around my backyard.
  • The lush trees in my neighborhood that make a canopy over the streets as you drive.
  • Walking through my neighborhood and stopping to chat with others out walking.
  • Lazy days going to the local movie theater.
  • Sitting on my deck drinking smoothies in the summer.
  • Gardening in my own backyard.
  • Running around in the snow with LF in the winter.
  • Sitting by the fireplace, drinking cocoa and watching the snow fall outside.
  • The beautiful colorful trees in the fall, so much red, orange, yellow everywhere.
  • The dogwoods, daffodils, and flowers all blooming in the spring, nature coming back to life after winter.
  • Calling a neighbor to help with any small household project or to water my plants when I leave town. 
  • The history, Andy Griffith's hometown of Mayberry.
  • Swarms of lightning bugs in the evenings
  • Coconut soup at the Thailand Cafe.
  • People sporting their cowboy boots
  • The Christmas lights down Main St in December, the big tree at the end wrapped completely in white lights.
  • Sitting by and listening to the streams in the Parks.
  • Fresh air from the abundance of foliage and lack of busy traffic.
  • Old houses with charm
  • Seeing the Blueridge mountains in the distance as you drive down almost any road in town.
  • Pandowdy's Prime Rib
  • Walking through the history museum 
  • My little house that I enjoyed remodeling
  • Sipping wine at Old North State Winery
  • Browsing the Antique stores
  • Produce stands on the side of the streets selling peaches, tomatoes or their most recent fresh crop
  • Being 10 minutes from the VA border to go get cheaper gas!
  • Cashiers not rushing you off, but talking to you like you're friends.
  • Hearing the church bells down the street.
  • Fresh cut grass in the summer, the neighborhood busy with folks snipping flowers, edging driveways, friendly waves
  • The old men in their overalls sitting in rockers enjoying the weather.
  • All the picnicker's at Riverside, the laughter of the children on the playground, the shuffling of the skateboarders
  • Collard green sandwiches
  • Driving down 52 towards Winston and seeing the beautiful "Mount Pilot".
  • Having Winston near by to get my Whole Foods and Target fix. 
  • Just the good ole' laid back country town life.

    I'm sure I could add more to the list, but this was just a brain storming session of writing down everything that came to mind. I thought I would remind myself of all the positives around me, because sometimes, we need to remind ourselves in the daily humdrum of things, that there is beauty around us, if we just look for it.
    What are the things you love most about where you live?


    Lindsay said...

    Sounds so nice and peaceful! Glad you're blogging again.

    Martina said...

    The place you live really sounds relaxed and peaceful. But the best thing is: you see and enjoy all the beauty around you! I would love to see your little town! Living in Europe, it sounds very "exotic" to me.
    But some things seem to be quite similar here: I really love living with four seasons, and I love watching the squirrels in the garden while enjoying my morning coffee on the deck. (Even if it's rather cool and misty like today). I love watching our daffodils grow a little every day and look forward to the bright colors around easter or maybe earlier.
    What I love a lot: that I can walk to town to get my shopping done, go to the bookstore, have a latte in my favorite café... We walk a lot here! When I did that in your country and couldn't really find lanes for walking, cars stopped and people asked if everything was okay or if I got lost...
    I also love our river - looks a little like the one in your photo!
    I am glad you continue your lovely blog. Looking forward to your writing and sending you sunny spring breezes over the ocean! Martina

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