Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Emerald Green Forest

The winter months are finally over and all the leaves have grown back on the trees. I can't get over how green and lush everything looks. Everything has come completely back to life again. It's just so amazing how beautiful it is. 

When I first moved up here to NC, the first thing I noticed was how lush the forests looked. I remember making a comment to someone about how amazing the trees were, that it looked like an enchanted forest! She said, "Hon, this ain't no forest, we calls this here woods!" LOL So, she can call it woods, but calling them woods just doesn't justify the beauty that I see when I look at them. 

I went for a little walk yesterday by my house just to take it all in. Hope you enjoy the little tour with me as we walk through the emerald green forest. :)

 This is standing in the 'woods' looking at my house from the side.

 Beginning of the walk.

It only keeps getting greener and more lush.

 Small brooks running through out.

So lush. So beautiful.

Blooms still all around, too.

So blessed to be able to just walk out my front door and see all of this.

Not long ago, I saw the movie The Hunger Games. It was filmed here in North Carolina and the setting was breathtaking. I would say just to see the scenery alone, it would be worth watching, but there are some gorey scenes in it just as a warning.

Here are a couple of pictures from the movie.

They call it God's Country here.

I'm just so thankful for the 4 seasons, I'm especially thankful for my favorite season, summer that is coming up!!  

Hope you're enjoying the scenery where you live, too!
Hopefully I will have beach photos to post soon, I'm hoping to make a trip down to Florida this summer.

I took the photo below standing in front of my parents home today.