Monday, June 4, 2012

Hydrangeas in Bloom

I had to cut back my parents hydrangea bush today because it was growing over onto the porch.

I stuck some I trimmed in a glass to bring inside.

I always love this time of year when they are cutting all the hay, so pretty and I love the smell.


Michelle said...

Look at all those flowers! I hope you filled lots of vases and jars and filled your house with them, so beautiful :)

Katie said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! And we've had some awesome weather lately, huh?

Jolie said...

Thanks Michelle. I filled a couple of vases and there are lots more to fill more. :) These are my favorite flowers and I could never tire of looking at them.

Katie, thank you. Yeah, weather was perfect, although we did get a strange cold front that came in this past Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Hydrangeas are my fav!

Perth sheds said...

I really love hydrangeas! Their bloom looks so delicate and lovely

Jan's camera said...

These hydrangeas are amazing. The views from your house are beautiful.