Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Capturing the Beauty of Outdoors




I love these photos of Little Foot playing catch. He absolutely loves catching the ball and running off with it. That's why I don't call it fetch. He won't bring it back! 

In the first photo of Little Foot, by accident I hit the button and it took a picture of me holding the ball out in front. It was a complete accident, but I actually liked the way it turned out. 

Log Cabin in the woods.

This is a log cabin some friends of ours live in. You can't really tell it's a cabin from the front, but it's really adorable. We use to live right next door to them in a log cabin of our own about 15 years ago.  

Autumn Tree Reflection

The leaves are turning colors slowly but surely this year. I thought I would capture this pretty fall colored tree in my side view mirror while I was sitting in my Jeep at the park. 


Karen M. said...

I like them all, who could resist such an adorable dog. My choice is #3.

Dianne said...

I like all 3. I enjoy your 365 day pictures.
I am also sorry to hear about your Dad passing on! I am glad to hear that you have the confidence that you will see him again in heaven! That in itself is a comfort.Hold on tight to your sweet memories of him.

Jolie said...

I think I like photo #3 of him jumping the best, too. It sort of captures his personality best. :)

Thanks so much Dianne. His memories live on in me forever for sure.