Sunday, October 7, 2012


Things should be simple.

Why is it then that I complicate things? I've just experienced a life changing event and it has caused me to look at and examine my life. My dad passing away has had a tremendous effect on me. It has shown me that some things in life are important when what I really thought was important, really wasn't at all. Things are not important. People are.

 I once sold all of my belongings and moved to Thailand. It was a very freeing experience. I let go of things and learned to embrace  a culture and the people of Thailand. Then I came home and started to embrace things again. Our American culture encourages it and I was caught in it's trap once again. Now with one of the most important people in my life being taken away from me, it has put me back on the right course, the course of knowing that people are all that really count. I have started purging my things in order to set my priorities right and make sure my life is full of people and not full of things.

We need things... food, clothes, shelter... I know, so I have decided to start purging things that are not necessities. I've been going through clothes, shoes, everything I own and just weeding out the unnecessary parts that don't need to be there.  One of  my biggest problems has always been paper. Notes, post its, mail, un-filed papers,  the messy desk that I was forever organizing. I stumbled upon a site that shows you how to get rid of paper. It worked. The answer? A journal. Take every single important post-it, to do list, etc. and write those things down in a journal and throw away the loose pieces of paper. Then you have a clean desk with no stray papers anywhere. Everything is inside the Journal. Write your to do lists, reminders, phone msgs, everything, inside the journal from now on. 

It's so simple!

I'm learning to just be simple. Live in the moment. If you ask me what my big goals or plans are next, I don't have the answer because I'm not there. I am here, in the moment and I am going to learn to live in this moment. 

Someone once said, think of your favorite possession, the thing you own that you like the most...

now is this the thing you would want to be holding as you lay dying?

On the day my dad passed away during his last moments, my dad was holding something in each hand. My mothers hand in one and my hand in his other. 
This is all that is important. This and not one thing more.

Everything is different now, I am different.

The world is different now, the world seems changed.

Things are changing.

I am changing.

Change is good.


Anonymous said...


simple is my new motto too. I have recently purged most everything possible & moved in a furnished beachfront condo. It is very freeing. I love your rhetoric - it says what I feel. Can I quote you??


Jolie said...

Yes Martha, feel free to quote me. Glad you're enjoying the beach front. It sounds divine. Hope you're doing well.

Kelley said...

This was a beautiful read... a beautiful way to live life. My husband and I try not to focus on stuff. It is really hard in a world that encourages a love for "things". I admire you for the changes you've made.

Jolie said...

Thank you Kelley. It's true, when you're not focusing on stuff, you get to focus on more meaningful things in life. :)

Paige said...

Oh man I can so relate. I have a bonfire in my backyard and burn the paper every so often. It's pretty fun!

felicia said...

I so wish I could simplify. Don't even know where to start. I think I have simiplified compared to where I was five or so years ago but still not where I would like to be. If you looked in my utensil drawer beside the stove you would just shake your head.

Jolie said...

Paige- It's amazing how getting rid of paper makes you feel! :)

Felicia-I am sort of the opposite of you, I use to be simplified until I started letting the pursuit of things sneak back into my life. Now it's time to go back in that direction again. :)

Martina said...

How moving what you said about the moment of passing away. Makes me see thing we struggle so hard for in a completely different light. Thank you!