Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Toy Tractors

These are my dads toy tractors. His favorite tractor was Farmall. He even liked these little miniature versions of them. I know a lot of my posts and photos are sentimental at the moment, but please bare with me. I read somewhere that instead of trying to keep all of a loved ones possessions that has passed on, is to take photographs of the items instead. This way, you still have the memories you can look back on instead of having boxes of physical stuff just sitting around. 

I grew up on tractors so I actually feel quite at home on them.
Here's an old photo I just found of me bailing hay here on the farm,
 I know it's hard to tell it's me, but I was having fun!  :)
[Click to enlarge]


John Deere Toy Tractors said...

These toy tractors are looking adorable.

Shellie Marks said...

Lovely toy tractors. I also used to have Tractor Toys Collection when i was 10...

albina N muro said...

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