Sunday, November 11, 2012

Updates On Life

The beach at Patrick Air Force Base.

Mom and I are hanging in there. We are still just taking each day as it comes. I recently just spent a couple of weeks down in Florida looking at homes, which 2 weeks isn't a lot of time to find one. 

I  loved the warmth and just getting away and being able to sink my toes into the sand and ocean again.  I feel so at home when I'm near the coast. 

Since I didn't find anything, not even a rental to stay in so we can look, I guess right  now is just not the right timing and I don't want to fight against something that just isn't working out right now.  I will do things in God's time and not my own. Like I said in a previous post... no more forcing plans of my own to work, especially since that hasn't seemed to work for me in the past. 

So this post is to let everyone know, my mom and I are considering moving to Florida. Central Florida's east coast. We've also thrown around the idea of moving to Nashville, TN. So I'm a little excited to see where we will finally end up.  My mom even joked with me the other day and said she's ready to move to Thailand with me! 

I took quite a few pictures while I was in FL and will post some of the pics in the next couple of posts. The photo above was taken by my friend Lou of me photographing the ocean. 


Anonymous said...

Glad to read your doing well. I've enjoyed reading your blog for sometime now and look forward to your next chapter in life and home renovations!

If you are using a realtor there is a program called Your realtor can set up an account for you which is free. Simply input your requirements such as how many bedrooms/baths location etc. and each morning it will pull up listings that meet those criterias as well as price changes.

Best of Luck to you and you Mom!

Paige said...

Good luck to you and your Mom!