Friday, December 7, 2012

Keys to my Heart

Antique Piano

This is an old antique piano my dad cleaned up and refinished when I was a little girl. It's been in the house ever since I can remember. He refinished everything but the keys!
 They have funky sticker tape all over the keys and everyone use to get a real laugh from it.
 He just decided to leave them that way. 
I learned to play a few songs when I was a kid, but I'm just not musically inclined,
 so I never took to it.

It's been 4 months today since my dad went to be with the Lord.
Every day I meditate on something special he did.
This keeps the rhythm of his life beating, a forever song in my heart.

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Carol L McKenna said...

Wonderful photography and tribute to your Dad ~ loving hugs to you ~ (A Creative Harbor) ~ aka 'artmusedog' ^_^

Carol L McKenna said...

PS ~ Am your latest follower on GFC ^_^

Emily S said...

How sweet! I love the look and feel to those keys. I can just imagine the twinkling fingers touching those keys.

Molly said...

What a beautiful thing, thank you sharing such a treasured memory


Ruth said...

A wonderful tribute to your Dad, it's important to focus back to the good stuff :)

Lori said...

Very nice piano, holds a lot of memories.

Thanks for sharing with Foto Friday,

Rambling Woods said...

Oh this reminds me that my Grandmother's piano is still at my Mother's house and how I want it, yet I have no place to put it..I have to find a way.. My Mom has been gone 7 weeks...Michelle

Martina said...

I never saw a piano like this! My students sure would love to see the names of the keys like this, but I am not sure if they would ever take the trouble to learn them... How cute! And what a special memory.
How comforting to see your Dad living on in your memory and your heart.