Friday, January 18, 2013

Moved to Florida!

You're probably wondering what happened to me?      I've been trying to get situated down in Florida. I'm staying in a rental until I can find a house.

I'm looking around in Cocoa Beach and the surrounding areas. It's really fun looking at the different places hoping this next one will be THE ONE!  I have a really wonderful Realtor, Barbara Guest, I highly recommend her if you're in the area. She's honest and goes out of her way to help.


all4boys said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! I think I found your blog through Pinterest, but I've been reading for a while. I love the way you post pictures and I love what you write~you've inspired me to start my own Project 365, but mine is all about being thankful. Best wishes to you as you house hunt in Cocoa Beach!

God bless,

Jolie said...

Thanks Jennifer, glad I could inspire you to do the project, I probably should just push on and try to finish it, but it feels like by the time I'm done, it will have taken me 5 years! haha

Michelle said...

We have a yapping dog next door to us too but it actually makes me feel safe knowing it is scaring away anyone that doesnt belong there! I just bought a dog last week but Im yet to hear her bark so that is a good thing - but I do want her to be a bit of a security dog for me so hopefully she learns to bark soon!
Its up to you if you want to continue with the photos, if it makes you feel good and encourages you to snap away then why not :)