Saturday, February 9, 2013

Found A House - Put in an offer today

This all happened so quickly. Found out there are multiple offers on it already so I went in at asking price.  I will let you know if they accepted.

All of this grassy area you see is part of the property that comes with it. 
This is the side of the house.
So perfect for Little Foot to run and play!

This is a canal right down at the end of the street.

Huge screened in back porch where I would probably spend most of my time.

The house is much bigger than I had planned on, but the location, neighborhood, layout, huge yard, price, everything was just too perfect to pass this up.  The inside needs some tweaking. Mostly just aesthetics.  I get a really good feel when I'm here, it has a lot of light that comes in, feels very Florida/beachy. Just 10 minutes to the beach, too!

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Denise Z. said...

THIS house looks more like you! I can just picture you putting your stamp on it and making it yours!