Monday, April 22, 2013

Counters Are In

The counters are now officially in and I think they are beautiful! 

I found a really good primer because I was getting some bleed through from the oak. BIN by Zinsser, this stuff is amazing. It's shellac based. No bleed through and no color showing through, perfect. 


This is the backsplash I chose.
 It will arrive tomorrow, I ordered it from a local store here in Cocoa Beach.

All is going as planned so far!
I'm really loving it all.


Wilkinson said...

Love the butcher block and the bold tile choice! Can't wait to see it installed.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Pretty! I love the counters and that backsplash!! I love seeing all the progress being made...I know you're having fun!

BeColorful said...

Oh wow. I am soooooo intrigued. I love me a white kitchen but if I could have more than one I would absolutely want to do something like the tile you are choosing. As for the countertops they are really beautiful. So fun to see something a bit out of the ordinary. You are inspiring.

Karenina said...

Love the way it is coming together. Did you use Ikea Countertops again?

Jolie said...

Yes Karenina, I used the Ikea counters again. I really love them and they hold up well.

Robbie Marinero said...

Good to see the progress of your kitchen. The whole renovation process is really a pain in the neck but seeing how things worked out according to your plan, it is definitely worth all the hard work particularly when the backsplash are finally installed. -> Robbie @

Arthur Bryant said...

Really loving the wooden countertops! And that splashback should provide the right amount of extra color into the kitchen to break the wood/white color scheme, but not count as an extra color scheme. It was a good choice to go with an overmount, as the undermount sink might expose the wood to water damage and wood degradation.

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