Sunday, April 14, 2013


Window added between rooms.



Still much more left to do before it's finished.


Jessica said...

So much fun to turn a house into your own home! Can't wait to see more renovations :)

Dianne said...

So excited to see the renovations you have done, and all the ideas you have!

Paige said...

Very excited to see your pics and the progress of your new home. Congrats!

Michelle said...

You have wasted no time getting stuck into the renos! Its going to look great :)

JackieHeberle said...

I have loved following your blog from the beginning. I don't even remember now how I stumbled upon it.
I am so sorry for the loss of your father. I lost my Daddy 2 years ago.
Praying for peace and comfort for you and your Mom as you enter a chapter of your life that is strangely different but not without joy. Your new home looks like it is going to be beautiful. Cannot wait to see your renovations! p.s. Where did you order your countertops from?

Jolie said...

Jackie, thank you.

The counters are from Ikea. They are the Numerar in oak.

anita said...

Wow... l o v e. your island blue wall color!
The hubs and I are in the renovation business..usually hotels and restuarants, but also many personal projects. Never get tired of a new take on an old space!

Anonymous said...

Now I know where it all started. I read your “My kitchen remodel – Before & After” post, and I'm intrigued on how you were able to handle a kitchen remodeling on a budget. I know it's not easy, as everyone knows how expensive and challenging to remodel an old structure. You definitely have a good contractor on your side and good budgeting skills.

Terence Watthens @