Sunday, April 7, 2013

Starting House Projects

My To Do list

  • Appliances delivered
  • Porch light and doorbell installed
  • Paint walls
  • Fence up for Little Foot
  • Fix garbage disposal
  • Install counters
  • Install back-splash
  • Paint front door
  • Paint cabinets in kitchen white
  • Find hardware for cabinets and install
  • Paint cabinets in master bath
  • Mirror for master bath
  • Paint guest bathroom
  • Put up bamboo shades
  • Put up drapes
  • Electrician is replacing garage lighting, adding an outlet on back porch and fixing aluminum wiring throughout the whole house.
  • Sprinklers working right
  • Tile the family room floor
  • Install storm door
  • Remove partial wall between dining and kitchen
  • Put up wall to hide furnace
  • Put up a new mailbox
  • Have a new well dug
  • Have the range vent area over stove reopened to vent outside. (a recirculating microwave was there before)

  • Here is a manatee taking a rest under my neighbors boat dock.

    Here he goes, swimming away down the canal.
    (the manatee, not my neighbor)


    Michelle said...

    Wow Iv never seen anything in the water like that before! Hope its scared of people swimming or Id never get in the water!!

    Jolie said...

    Manatees are docile and playful, sort of like dolphins. There are a lot of dolphins here in the canals, too. Yeah, they don't charge at you like sharks or anything, you can swim with them. haha Supposedly it's illegal to touch them, but people always do it anyway. :p

    Anonymous said...

    Amazing shot of the manatee! Little Foot is a handsome boy, by the way. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the progress in your new home!

    all4boys said...

    How amazing! I know you must be loving the tropical weather of Florida...and all nature has to offer. My sister lived in Tampa for years, and her favorite sea creatures were manatees. Supposedly they're like big ole teddy bears.