Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Kitchen Remodel - Before & After Photos

Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

The kitchen turned out just how I envisioned. I really love  how the backsplash turned out the best, it reminds me of the ocean. It sparkles and shines, also picking up other beautiful colors like abalone.

You know how they say kitchens sell houses?  Well the kitchen that was here when I first walked in sure didn't sell the house to me. It was my least favorite room and I knew I was going to rip into it first thing if I bought the house.  The rest of the house was so bright and calming, but the kitchen sort of had a dark grungy sad look, not a kitchen I felt like cooking in.

This is what I saw of the kitchen the very first time I ever walked into this house.



Amazing what painting everything white can do!
It brightened the room up so much.
I changed out the appliances (the old ones were broke),
the counter tops and backsplash.







Here is a list of where I purchased some things, please email me if you have more questions.

My next door neighbor is the one who put in the counters and backsplash for me and also installed the new cabinets and opened up the wall.  A huge thank you to him! 


LindaDiane said...

You did a super job, such a tropical look! Perfect for Florida.
Can't wait to see what's next!

Paige said...

SO NICE! Love the white and blue. Looks great! I really love the counter tops too!

Katie Peters said...

Jolie, it looks awesome! That backsplash tile is perfect! Bet you're loving cooking in this new space...

Jolie said...

Yes, I love cooking in the new kitchen, but what is great, I actually enjoy cleaning it now, too! Who knew updating a kitchen would motivate you to clean it? :)

Thanks for all the compliments you guys.

susanne said...

Kitchen is just beautiful......Have you ever checked out House of Turquoise? A fun site to look at.....

Ellie said...

It's beautiful! Well done. You're right about the backsplash.

Michelle said...

You started your kitchen renovation after me and you've finished before me ... Im still going and a little jealous now! I love the white cabinets can't believe the change with just a lick of paint. Great job you've been working so hard you should feel very proud of yourself :)

mari of {crab+fish} said...

WoOoOoW, it's such a massive improvement! It *almost* makes me want to cook....I can't believe this was done on a budget. Love.

Wilkinson said...

Your kitchen looks great! Love the countertop and we're big fans of Top Knobs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jolie ~ I moved from Florida to Kansas where we are also redoing a house. I've been enjoying your pictures and watching your house decorating so much! It makes me a little homesick - in a good way. The kitchen turned out so well...Love it! Aimee

Martina said...

You did an amazing job. I love the fresh feeling and the uplifting colors. Wishing you lots of fun cooking (and cleaning...) in there!

Taylor @ thehouseonpennylane said...

It looks wonderful! I love how the wall that you opened up looks. I'll have to admit, I was skeptical at first (you may know how I feel about pass through windows:, but with the lower cabinet in front of it and the accent wall beyond, it looks really great. And man, do I wish I had neighbors like yours!

Jolie said...

Susanne, yes, LOVE house of turquoise, I frequent the site. :)

Hi Taylor! I saw how you turned your pass through window into a walk through. It's perfect, I just love your house so much! You have great style.
I chose the pass through window instead of knocking the whole wall down because I really wanted a bar area where people could sit and talk to me while I cooked. I am thinking of knocking the wall down between the 2 living rooms still, but on the fence about it.

Amy said...

This looks great, Jolie! Your kitchen is fantastic. Very you and very Florida.

Dianne said...

Very nice kitchen! I'm sure you love the extra storage and the natural light coming in.

Anonymous said...

Am so tickled you got a new place and your kitchen renovation is beautiful! I knew it would be.

I had read all your posts while at your old house, then you were sort in limbo and I got busy taking care of ailing parents so didn't have much time, then last week I happened on a picture on Pinterest and thought OH! that's her, I have to go see what you've been up to! Lol.

I think this is the first time I've commented. Just wanted you to know I truly enjoy your blog.

God Bless You, Lana

Jolie said...

Thanks so much! There is so much to do on the house I am just taking my time with this one. Hoping to get some more pics up soon, but my help seems to have slowed down. That leaves me more time for the beach, haha. :)

Gabrielle Jeromy said...

A white and blue theme is fabulous, Jolie! It's really eye catching. And I like the fact that there's not too much color in there aside from those two. The backsplash caught my attention as well, and the striped blue rug added some glamor to the area. Wonderful results you got there. Well, that's what you get from keeping the area simple. Job well done!

Gabrielle Jeromy @ Majestic Renovations

Jon Barnes said...

I must commend your choice of color, Jolie! Blue and white helped give your entire house a fresh and bright atmosphere. It's just full to the brim of life and energy! Are you planning to put up a starfish anywhere?

-Jon Barnes @ LyonConstruct

Essie Reed said...

Wow, what an excellent kitchen remodeling job you did! Very impressed. Your home improvement project massively added value to your home and made your kitchen so much more attractive and welcoming. I really like the backsplash you put over your wall by the stove and removing the microwave was a nice touch there. Everything really comes all together very well.

Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement