Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family Room - Before and After Photos

Here is the family room, it's almost done, but not completely. I figured I could go ahead and put a pic of what's done so far. 



I still need to get a table to put between the two chairs. I was thinking of getting another white chair in place of the wicker chair there, since the wicker chair is not as comfy as the white one. 

I love the artwork on the wall of the palm tree and the ocean. It's by a local artist named Rick Piper. To see more of  his artwork, go to Rick Pipers Art - A Gallery.

Art by Rick Piper


New wood window sills.

I'm loving the way the house is turning out. It has such a cozy relaxing feel to it.
It's definitely a different feel from the more country cottage look I had before in my NC home.
This one is taking on more of a sea side look, which could be because I'm only 10 minutes from the beach now. I'm definitely back in my element being in the warm FL sun and the beautiful ocean waters.


Paige said...

Very nice! I enjoy a cozy home too :)

ektorma said...

love what you've done so far!

Louise-Arden said...

love the before and after shots!!!!

Connie said...

I home seeing home remodels, especially when they are homes much like my own. We live in a 1950's ranch and since we've owned it we have done so many changes. Through the years it has become the cozy little home that we love so much:)
A year and a half ago we visited Coco Beach, it was February and you were having a few days of very cold weather for Florida. We came with shorts and swimsuits and had to wear our winter jackets the first two days, LOL. We thought that we wouldn't need them until we got back to Washington state.
I love what you have done in your kitchen. I've always been a huge fan of white kitchens and your blue back splash is gorgeous.
Have a lovely week and if you have the time, dip your feet in the ocean for me :)
Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

Willene Fagen said...

Your family room looks awesome, Jolie! Everything is well-designed and the way the furniture was placed made it look spacious. But the best thing that complements your family room in my opinion is your large window. It provides you with natural light and makes the room more vibrant. Thanks for sharing this; now I have an idea how to make our family room look better!

Willene Fagen @ Roofing and More INC

Amy said...

I love the room and what a perfect paint color!

bubblegum casting said...

very nice!