Saturday, July 13, 2013

To Do Lists

  • Appliances delivered
  • Porch light and doorbell installed
  • Paint walls
  • Fence up for Little Foot
  • Fix garbage disposal
  • Install counters
  • Install back-splash
  • Paint front door
  • Paint cabinets in kitchen white
  • Find hardware for cabinets and install
  • Paint cabinets in master bath
  • Mirror for master bath
  • Paint guest bathroom
  • Put up bamboo shades
  • Put up drapes
  • Electrician is replacing garage lighting, adding an outlet on back porch and fixing aluminum wiring throughout the whole house.
  • Sprinklers working right
  • Tile the family room floor
  • Install storm door
  • Remove partial wall between dining and kitchen
  • Put up wall to hide furnace
  • Put up a new mailbox
  • Have a new well dug
  • Have the range vent area over stove reopened to vent outside. (a recirculating microwave was there before)
  • Put pavers in the backyard next to screen room
  • Add a faucet to side of house
  • Tile the screened in patio
  • Landscape the backyard
  • Landscape front yard
  • Plant Oleander trees along front fence
  • Put in a doggy door for Little Foot on the screen room
  • Put up a clothesline (attached to birdhouse)
  • Put peg board up in garage
  • Get a cabinet for garage (to store tools)
  • Clean and buff terrazzo floors in office
  • Paint desk, locker and bulletin board in office
  • Get a table for the office
  • Throw rug for under desk
  • Chairs for back patio
  • Plants for back patio
  • Lounge chair 
  • Shower installed outside

Mom has been staying with me while her house was being built. It's finished now and she just signed the closing papers. She's packing to start moving into her new home. 

So many changes for us!


Michelle said...

wow you have done so much to your home in such a short space of time. Your making me feel very lazy! We've been working on the kitchen for 11 weekends now and still havent got to painting the walls. Its killing me!

Jolie said...

It's funny, I feel like I haven't done much and still have so much left to do. It can be exhausting. Luckily I have some great neighbors that have been helping me out. :)