Friday, August 23, 2013

Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets

I posted the before and after photos of my kitchen already, but it wasn't 100% completely finished. The glass inserts are in the cabinets now and I really love how they turned out.
I have the oak cabinets with the panels in them, so you just cut out the panel and put glass in its place. I didn't do it myself, I've just been so lazy about doing things lately, I guess after all the work I put into my last house, this time, I'm just getting someone else to do a lot of it for me.  Can't blame a girl can you?

So here was the kitchen cabinets before...



The kitchen just looks a little more customized and I like the open feel of the cabinets.
I may paint the shelves in them white.
Everyone wants me to paint the back of the cabinet inside turquoise.  :)

You probably noticed the bananas on the counter,
I'm still getting tons of bananas from my trees.

I freeze them for smoothies.  

I'm sorry, I had to disable comments on this post because of the high volume of spam I was getting. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email. I reply to all emails. Thank you!  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blue Front Door

It's really funny that I had a color picked out ahead of time that I was going to use and noone chose that color. I had decided to use (C) Windjammer by Behr.  So that's the color on the door in the pic above. I know it's really hard to tell the way color looks on a computer screen, this color looks more vibrant than it did in the sample pic in the post before this one.

I'm going to live with it for about a week and see how I like it, then go ahead and paint the shutters and outer storm door area. I'm thinking this color may look too light for the shutters, I could go with a darker color on the shutters and just leave the door this color.  It also looks different at different times of the day. It's facing east, so in the morning, the color is really washed out looking with the bright light on it, but after noon and around 3pm, the color is really nice and perfect. 

Well what do you think? Do you like this blue? Keep trying different ones? Once I pick a color and do the shutters there is no turning back, painting shutters are a pain! :p

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paint the Front Door

I'm in the process of trying to pick out a color for my front door.
Last time I tried to pick out a blue for my family room, I must have went through 15 different paint samples! So far I have found 3 colors and I'm pretty sure I have picked out the one I like. I painted the whole door that goes from my garage to my kitchen with the color so I can see how I like it for a while before I commit to painting the front door with it.

The colors are,
A. Cool Colbalt - Glidden   (A deep darker Colbalt)
B. Ocean Sigh -  Valspar   (Lightest of the 3 colors, sort of an aqua green undertone)
C. Windjammer - Behr      (A medium blue, more of a true blue)

Which color do you like the best?

I'm considering painting the shutters also.
Here's the pic of the front of my house again for reference.

I have some inspiration photos I've posted below.
I know my house isn't Mediterranean, greek, etc. style, but I am in love with these color combos.  I love the white houses with the blue trim on them with lots of hot pink flowers around.

My plain Jane house needs some help, so what do you think of the blue accents?
Any other suggestions?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cool Clothesline Idea

You like my new birdhouse? 
Well, actually the birdhouse isn't new. 
My best friend gave this to me when I lived in NC and I never
got the chance to put it out in the yard.
 It came without the pole and was the natural wood color,
 so I painted it white and my neighbor put it on a pole for me.

The neat thing about it is that it doubles as a clothesline.

I wanted a clothesline and we were trying to figure out how to connect the lines to something, so we thought just sticking a pole out in the yard would look awkward, so I had the neat idea to put the birdhouse on top of it so when the lines aren't connected, it doesn't look like just a pole sticking out of the ground.

You can attach any retractable clothesline like this to the pole.
 I am using the 5 line one from Home Depot,
 but they have a lot of different ones to choose from.

I am loving my air dried linens, so much better than using a dryer!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A video of My Island

Here is a video I found that Tiki Tyler made of the island I live on.  

Merritt Island, Florida


I truly love living here and have met a lot of wonderful people. The people in the neighborhood where I live have reached out and helped me in so many ways, to get settled into my new home.