Friday, August 9, 2013

Cool Clothesline Idea

You like my new birdhouse? 
Well, actually the birdhouse isn't new. 
My best friend gave this to me when I lived in NC and I never
got the chance to put it out in the yard.
 It came without the pole and was the natural wood color,
 so I painted it white and my neighbor put it on a pole for me.

The neat thing about it is that it doubles as a clothesline.

I wanted a clothesline and we were trying to figure out how to connect the lines to something, so we thought just sticking a pole out in the yard would look awkward, so I had the neat idea to put the birdhouse on top of it so when the lines aren't connected, it doesn't look like just a pole sticking out of the ground.

You can attach any retractable clothesline like this to the pole.
 I am using the 5 line one from Home Depot,
 but they have a lot of different ones to choose from.

I am loving my air dried linens, so much better than using a dryer!


Katie said...

awesome idea!

Kelley said...

Won't the birds be perching (and pooping) over the clean clothes?

Jolie said...

So far they haven't. There's no food in it to attract them! I just didn't want a random pole sticking up in the yard. :)

Louise-Arden said...

I really think this is sweet! do you have squirrles in your yard? Our Squirrles are more nuisance than the birds.. LOL but they are so fun to watch

Jolie said...

Yes, I have squirrels, too, they run along the top of the fence, I don't have any other landscaping in my yard for them to play on yet. Soon!
We get a lot of cranes over in this area.

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