Friday, August 23, 2013

Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets

I posted the before and after photos of my kitchen already, but it wasn't 100% completely finished. The glass inserts are in the cabinets now and I really love how they turned out.
I have the oak cabinets with the panels in them, so you just cut out the panel and put glass in its place. I didn't do it myself, I've just been so lazy about doing things lately, I guess after all the work I put into my last house, this time, I'm just getting someone else to do a lot of it for me.  Can't blame a girl can you?

So here was the kitchen cabinets before...



The kitchen just looks a little more customized and I like the open feel of the cabinets.
I may paint the shelves in them white.
Everyone wants me to paint the back of the cabinet inside turquoise.  :)

You probably noticed the bananas on the counter,
I'm still getting tons of bananas from my trees.

I freeze them for smoothies.  

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Paige said...

Ha...I did notice the bananas. Wow! Your kitchen looks great! Love the blue. Love the gla inserts in the cabinets - it totally changes the look. So pretty!

Louise-Arden said...

I love the glass doors!!!!! Todd likes them too :) Come help me with mine!! :)

Goedkope Led strip bestellen said...

really gorgeous looking kitchen with blue tiles! good job :)

Lexie said...

How do you freeze bananas?
I love your kitchen, its is perfect. Great job on the cabinets

Jolie said...

Lexie, you just peel them, cut them up in pieces and put them in a plastic freezer bag.

Cool boy said...

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Samantha Gomes said...

Wow! gorgeous! love the colors, especially the red. Thanks for sharing.
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