Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ahhh Coconuts!

I may have said it before, but coconuts are one of my favorite things. 
I found a health food store not far from my home that sells them, 
when I first moved here I couldn't find them anywhere and was going into a panic!
I couldn't get these in the area of NC where I lived, so I had gone long enough without them.

I don't really care for those little brown hairy looking ones you see in the grocery stores.
I like the young green Thai coconuts.
The water in them is soooo sweet and such a wonderful coconut flavor.

The meat inside the Thai coconut is so soft you can just spoon it out with a spoon and eat it.

If you haven't tried a Thai coconut, I really encourage you to try one.

You can just eat the white coconut meat by itself or put it in a smoothie.
The same with the coconut water.

You can even save the empty coconut shell for later and have some ice cream in it.

I'm sure you can find a lot of things to do with a coconut.  :)

Do you have any coconut tips or recipes?
I'd love to hear.


Louise-Arden said...

Okay... I love, love the ice-cream in the coconut shell!!!!! :) That is awesome!!

Michelle said...

Yum that looks amazing! I like coconut in my pina coladas, does that count :)

Sherry B. said...

I always wondered what those type of coconuts tasted like! I'll have to pick one up at the Produce place by my house! Yeah! Thanks for sharing!

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