Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Goals List For the Home

I was sitting out on my back patio this morning making up my new To Do list of goals for the next year. I really thought I would have finished everything before this year was up, but my neighbor that was helping me sort of starting working on another project and my projects got put on hold. Hopefully he is finishing up soon or I can find a new neighbor to get this ball rolling.  :)

I've owned my new place for almost a year now (purchased Feb 28, 2013) and everything has worked out great. I chose this place because it was only 10 min from the beach and I did get to frequent the beach a lot this year, more so than I ever have before. I'm loving the warm beach life year 'round. Hello - 85 degrees in December!!!  

Here was my original To Do list when I first moved in...
Move In To Do List

2014 Goals

  • Update Kitchen door
  • Put wood on garage wall to organize tools
  • Put hooks on garage wall
  • Shelves on garage wall
  • Clean clutter out of garage
  • Shelves for Laundry room
  • Wall Clothes rack for Laundry room
  • A table for the living room (to go between the 2 chairs)
  • Drapes for dining rm
  • Rug for dining rm
  • Put lights in dining rm
  • Table for office
  • Terrazzo floors professionally cleaned in office
  • Throw rug for office
  • Window treatments for office
  • Organize office closet
  • Window treatments for Master Bedrm
  • Put a door on Master bathrm
  • Paint Master bathrm vanity
  • Add hardware to vanity
  • Paint Master bathrm walls
  • Hang pictures in Master Bath
  • Remove glass stall in Master Bath
  • Get grout in bathrm cleaned
  • Small nightstand in both guestrooms
  • Tile the back patio
  • Hang pictures on walls
  • Fence off the rest of the yard
  • Get Little Foot a doggy door
  • Paint walls
That list doesn't look too painful. Hopefully I can get all of this done next year. 

 I did landscape the front yard, but the leaves all fell off of my bougainvillea and I'm waiting for them to grow back before I take the picture. All the plants and trees are babies right now, so they need time to mature some. 

I have been working on all of the rooms, I just don't have any completely finished because instead of finishing one, I keep doing a little bit at a time to each room. I'm going to focus on the garage next though so I can show a picture of it finished. I brought a bunch of my dads old tools down from NC and am organizing them on peg boards and shelves that need to be finished. I put a piece of peg board up myself from watching how my dad did it in my shed at the last house I lived in.  It turned out great! Dad would be proud.  :)


Silva London said...

This is a great list for your home goals. And I agree, it’s not too heavy like a roofing or plumbing job. Just a little carpenter/contractor’s help for the installation of a door. But all in all, there’s no doubt that you can pull it off before the year ends. Good luck!

Silva @

bubblegum casting said...

i have a list of home goals that is very similar to this.....creepy

Karla said...

Great goals--inspiring!

model mayhem said...

Im working on my goals...feels like I am getting nowhere lol