Friday, February 28, 2014

A Happy House Anniversary

Today it will be 1 year since I closed on my house.  It's been a great experience and I really love living here and being back so close to the beach again. When I went house hunting this time, I tried to make sure I didn't make the same mistakes with this one as I did with the last one. Not that my last home was horrible, but there were little things about it that bothered me... lack of big windows, no back door to the backyard, no covered patio, noisy dogs/neighbors, too many trees (mosquitoes), yadda yadda...

As you can tell from those little house peeves, I like spending a lot of time outside, so now I have a huge screened patio where I spend most of my time, a huge yard for Little Foot to run, huge windows that when I open, an amazing ocean breeze comes through. Did I mention I'm only 10 minutes from the beach?  :)

I didn't get as much done on the house as I had hoped, like I've said before. I'm still waiting around on a neighbor to get back over here and help me finish. If not soon, I will be on the search for another handy man.  I still have my New Years list to tackle. I'm working on my bathroom right now.  I do keep going from room to room and working on a little at a time instead of finishing one room and moving onto the next, another reason it's taking me a while to get finished. Finished? Is there such a thing?

There are no pics of my house to post right now, but I promise, I will be coming up with some VERY soon, my laundry room is almost finished, too. Just have to put the shelves up on the wall.

I've been keeping a new little blog page to post all of my inspiration pictures, so you are welcome to browse these pics. I add new pictures almost daily, so feel free to keep coming back to see more.  Here is the website...

Natural Casa - My other blog of Inspiration Photos

I've posted another link to Natural Casa at the very top of my page so you can easily get to it. I'm really drawn to natural textures and earthy colors, with my splash of turquoise thrown in of course, which really shows in the inspiration pics.  Hope you enjoy them and don't give up on me yet, I will get more pics up soon of my home, it's really starting to come together nicely!

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Mila said...

Yey for your house! :)