Sunday, March 16, 2014

Little Laundry Room

Here is my little laundry room. I've been wanting to put these shelves up instead of having everything sitting all over the dryer. Now I have more space there. If you remember,  my last laundry room was huge, but I'm just happy to have a laundry room. A lot of the  houses here I looked at when house hunting didn't have them, laundry hookups were out in the garage or outside somewhere. The other house I put an offer on had the hookups on the back patio. 

There wasn't much to do to this room although I did install some bi-fold doors to the right that you can't see that covers up the ac unit that was in there. 

I put up the bamboo blinds, the clothes drying rack, painted the door black and put the shelves on the wall.

This butcher block wood was left over from my counters in the kitchen I had installed. The edges were rough, so I sanded them down to round them off, then sealed them with Watco Butcher Block sealer. Black brackets are from Home Depot.

I also saved the piece of butcher block that was cut out for the sink area, too, and will show you what I am doing with that piece when I finish it.

I'm back working on all sorts of projects for my home after taking a break. I've been remodeling the bathroom and it's almost finished. So pics of the Master bedroom and bath coming soon!

Here was a pic of the laundry room before just for reference.



Martha Kiser said...


It looks great, you are so smart and have done a wondereful job

Martha K

Jolie said...

Thanks so much Martha! I can't wait to come see your place. :)

Vanoutlet said...

it was really nice article. thanks for sharing :)

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