Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So Many Projects!

I've been doing a lot of painting lately.  I'm in the process of painting all of my interior doors black. 

I also swapped out my office door for a french door.

I'm painting the office walls white with a deep blue accent wall.
The wall on the left is sort of a yellowish cream color, 
it's on every wall in the house and it MUST go.

A company came out and cleaned my terrazzo floors.
Boy, do they shine now!

The master bedroom walls are getting painted Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray.
It's a nice deep gray that I'm hoping will make the bedroom feel more cozy.

My neighbor the handy man has come back to work and is putting tile on my patio.

It feels good to be back working on my home again.
I have so many ideas running through my head 
of things I would like to do to the house.

It takes me longer to finish something because I don't just work on one thing at a time.
I'm running back and forth and doing some in my office, some in the master bedroom and will paint a door here and there in between. 

Yesterday I got sidetracked with refinishing an old sofa table!

I've realized I have ADDD.
Attention Deficit Decorating Disorder!  haha
I get sidetracked way too easy by another project.

Sorry that is why it takes so long to get a room completely put together. 
I really do need to focus on the master bedroom though so I can sleep in there again.
I'm on the couch for now.

More soon!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Bougainvillea

One of my favorite flowers are the bougainvillea. 
I planted this last year and all winter she just looked a little sad. 
Her leaves are coming back now and she's are really bright pink.
I'm going to train her to grow completely over the arbor I had built for her.

This is the bougainvillea up close. 
The pink isn't really the flower, those are part of the leaves. 
The more stressed a bougainvillea is, the prettier she gets.
She is at her best during a drought.

Those tiny white flowers are the actual flower on the bougainvillea.

I also love the hibiscus!

I have a lot of them planted around my house.

This is my double flower Hibiscus below.

I've been planting some pineapples and will post those soon.
They are really fun to grow!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Master Bath Makeover - Before and After

The Master Bath is finally finished. It was a very plain builders grade little bathroom and on top of it all, I hate the tile. I'm not willing to rip all of the tile out so I had to work with it the  best I could. I suppose it was an attempt at beige, but it looks pink to me. Just like my other bathroom in my last house.  With a little paint and decor, I tried to dress it up the best I could on a small budget. 


In the photo above, you can sort of see where I tried to patch up a hole in the wall. They had removed a medicine cabinet and just left the hole there! Thanks guys!  Meanwhile my a.c. is going out and the heat is getting in. 

Painting the cabinets black was the easiest project and seems to have made one of the biggest impacts.

Next I removed the shower stall. 
I didn't think I was going to be able to do it by myself, 
but all I ended up having to do was remove the doors...

...then remove the screws that held the frame and cut the caulking around it.

The grout between the floor tile was dirty and very discolored. 
Sort of looked like a pink? Maybe a pinkish gray?
Not sure if they intended that or what happened.
I stained it charcoal gray.

It turned out quite nice and I'm very pleased with the results.


Makeover on a budget!
It didn't cost very much to remodel this whole bathroom.
Here is a breakdown of the cost.

$30. for the glass hardware on cabinets. (Hobby Lobby)
$40. for shower curtain (Ebay- Coyuchi, regularly $171.00)
$15. for hooks (Ebay)
$20. for towel rack (Home Depot)
$10. for grout stain/sealer (Home Depot - Polyblend )
$30. for paint (Color Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach) 
$15. for black/white enlargements (snapfish)
$8. for frames (thrift store)
$12. shower rod (Bed Bath & Beyond)
$15. throw rug (Tuesday Morning)
$40. Bamboo Shade (Home Depot)

$235.00  Total

The photos are some I took when I was out at the beach.
I was so happy to score the beautiful shower curtain by Goyuchi, 
I couldn't quit thinking about it since the first time I saw it.

I love  having hooks instead of a towel rack because when I'm in the shower and go to grab for a towel, it just comes off so easy. Sometimes the towel would get stuck in the towel rack and I would have to jerk it a few times to get it to come out. Does that just happen to me?

Love having the small towel rack right under the sink so it's easy to get to. 
It doesn't stick out too far and doesn't get in my way. I'm 5'6", so there's plenty of room there.

I have a ton of projects I'm working on.

Next...   master bedroom, office and back patio.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Door - Big Difference

There was a white solid door to my kitchen that I never liked because it blocked out the light and it just didn't feel right.  A simple fix, replace it with a glass door.

I purchased an unfinished door from Home Depot and stained it myself, to save a little money.

1.)  Sand it first.

2.) Stain it.

3.) Get the handyman to put it up!  :)

Love it!

It lets in the light from the laundry room
but still blocks out the noise from the washer/dryer.

I would love to put a glass door on my office, too.

I'm still working on remodeling my bathroom and I'm almost finished.
Things are still taking double and triple the time that I anticipate them to,
but this generic block house is really starting to feel homey to me.  :)