Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Bougainvillea

One of my favorite flowers are the bougainvillea. 
I planted this last year and all winter she just looked a little sad. 
Her leaves are coming back now and she's are really bright pink.
I'm going to train her to grow completely over the arbor I had built for her.

This is the bougainvillea up close. 
The pink isn't really the flower, those are part of the leaves. 
The more stressed a bougainvillea is, the prettier she gets.
She is at her best during a drought.

Those tiny white flowers are the actual flower on the bougainvillea.

I also love the hibiscus!

I have a lot of them planted around my house.

This is my double flower Hibiscus below.

I've been planting some pineapples and will post those soon.
They are really fun to grow!


Michelle said...

Your garden looks gorgeous with those bright flowers =) Bougainvillea is one of my favorites too

Jodi W. Brown said...

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