Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How To Grow A Pineapple >:)

I love pineapples!
When I use to live in FL a while back I was growing pineapples and since I have moved back I am excited to start growing them again. 

It's so easy to do. 

Just chop off the top of a pineapple.

Peel away all the edible part until you can see little brown dots or squiggly things on the stalk. 
Those are what grow out to be the roots.

Put them in any jar with water and let the roots grow. 
You don't have to let them grow as long as this, just an inch or 2 is fine.

Then plant them in a pot with soil.

Then one day in the far away future, 
your plant will grow a little pineapple out the top.

Mine aren't old enough to have a pineapple yet (It takes 2 to 3 years), so I took this last pic from a garden center.
These plants are quite pricey if you buy them with a pineapple already on them,
but they are so cheap to grow yourself.

Here is a fun little recipe that you can also use a pineapple for.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Patio Love

Here is a picture of my patio that I posted a year ago.  
I spend a lot of time outside and on the patio, so I really wanted to make this area nice.
The best thing to do to make it feel like another living area of the house is to tile it.  So the tile is finally in and with a few shopping trips for patio furniture, plants and a picnic table makeover, I finally have my patio finished.


Hand me down picnic table mom gave me.
I stripped and sanded down the reddish paint that was on it, 
stained the top and painted the bottom teal.


The tile really transforms the space.
I love it!

Patio furniture from Pier 1.
I wait until they have their summer clearance sales and get a bargain.

Striped pillows are from Ebay, 
but I saw some like them at Walmart yesterday for $10. each.

The fountain is so relaxing.

The patio looks just like I envisioned.
I'm happy with it and my handy man did a great job putting the tile down.

I'm going to put some outdoor curtains on the patio, too.
In the evenings, the sun shines in and blinds you, 
so I will post the final pics after I find some decent outdoor drapes.

My To Do list is getting shorter!
Today I painted another coat of black on my interior doors 
and stained some shelves that I'm putting in the office.
So more coming soon.  :)