Friday, August 29, 2014

An Organized Garage

The garage is finally cleaned out and organized.
Let me just say, I wish I had done this project first before I started anything else.
It would have made all of my other projects so much easier, instead of hunting all over the place for the right screwdriver or tool I needed.  My advice if you're remodeling a home and just moving in, organize the garage and tool sheds first!  :)

Here is how the garage looked when I first purchased my home last year.

(All these items were from the previous owner, but he came over and removed everything, letting me  keep what I wanted.)


I didn't like the way the wood shelves were, so I removed one and stacked it under the other two.  There was also an extra shelf so I cut it and put it on the wall for organizing my tools.

It looks like these shelves were made from some old crate. I live by NASA's Kennedy Space Station so the crate may have contained a top secret project. haha The sticker says Critical Space Item, notice the date is from 1972. I wonder what the LEM project was? Well, I thought it was pretty cool and didn't want to just throw it away, so I made my own project out of it.  

I just added my tools. These screw driver holders my dad  had made so I brought them with me so I could use them. They worked out perfect.

Then I found some scrap wood at Home Depot and nailed them up over it. HD offers scrap wood at the very back of the store for 70% off. 

The wood top of the cabinet is the sink area that was cut out of my butcher block counters in my kitchen, so I put that to use, too. 


When I had my kitchen remodeled, I removed the oak cabinet from over the stove. I needed to re-purpose that, too, of course, so I just attached it to the top of this red shelving unit my mom gave me with some screws.  Then I painted it black, added hardware and the butcher block leftover piece for the top and I have a free cabinet.  


I remembered watching my dad put up my peg board in the tool shed of the last house I lived in, so I did what he did and I was able to put this up myself. He had nailed a 2x4 across the bottom and rested the peg board onto it while he nailed the rest of it onto the other boards.
Then remove the 2x4 and there you have it.  I used a long level to make sure it was straight.
I felt so accomplished after doing this myself.  :)  

Some of the tools in the garage were my dads, I inherited a bunch of them. The table that the saw is sitting on, my dad made that. When I am working in the garage and smell the smells of sawdust and wood in the air, it feels like my dad is right here with me.

I also put some of his old toy tractors out and his weight scale.

I love how the garage turned out.
Everything in it's place and easy to find.

I also have a little garden area set up in my garage, 
but I will post that later, it still needs a little bit of tweaking.

I will try to get up the pictures of my master bedroom next,
it's very close to done.

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